Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Romance, Puzzles, Missions and More

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Romance, Puzzles, Missions and More

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

Mass Effect Andromeda looked to be in trouble even before it was released. In the week leading up to Andromeda's arrival the internet's various forms of social media were awash with gifs showing just had bad the character animations were, and worse still their 'dead' eyes. Mass Effect Andromeda arrived on wave of hype so ferocious the game was never likely to to emerge unscathed, but this pre-release scandal didn't help and the reviews weren't as kind as EA would have liked.

This is a massive game (in terms of anticipation and hours needed to complete) that introduces a new set of characters, with Ryder taking on the lead role vacated by Commander Shepard. While reviews were less glowing than everyone hoped for, there's still plenty to explore in this vast game. And if you’re coming to it now you’ll benefit from a number of patches that have fixed some of the glitches, improved those eyes, and even added new animations to cutscenes.

Our Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough will provide you with in-depth step by step instructions on how to tackle the game's many missions as you explore - it's a complete Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough for the core missions. We've also got the complete rundown on character creation, character classes, romance (romance guides for each main character), weapons, armor, Biotics and Tech upgrades, and squad mates. Plus there are some general tips and tricks to help you while wandering strange alien lands or taking part in the various online multiplayer game modes.

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough

Let's just say that Mass Effect Andromeda is a large game. It's chock full with huge, sprawling missions to tackle, plus plenty of optional tasks, jobs, and side missions. It will consume you for many, many weeks. Thankfully we're here to help guide you through these missions and give pointers along the way with this Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough. Stick to the main story if you only want the core plotline, but you’ll need to at least explore the optional character missions if you want to get anywhere with romance in Mass Effect Andromeda.

The following Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough and Mission Guide follows a fairly linear path through the adventure, but you can opt to do various other things at almost any point once you're beyond a certain point (the game opens up a lot once you've established an outpost on Eos). There are spoilers because some things happen and must be explained, but nothing should be revealed beyond the point of the area in question. So don't worry that we're going to reveal that Wrex is actually Ryder's father while you're reading a guide on how to choose your starting character setup. That's not factually true, either, but it's the kind of thing that we won't spoil for you if it were.

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Guide

You can have romantic relationships with characters in Mass Effect Andromeda. We've got a complete rundown for you in our Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Guide. Have fun, but be safe out there.

How to Solve Remnant Decryption Puzzles and All Solutions

Could there be a more annoying set of puzzles in any video game? We’re not sure, but you’re fine as you can just use our guide to solving the Remnant Decryption puzzles in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Resources, Research and Development, Mining, Scanning, Cryo Pods

Mass Effect Andromeda Priority Ops Missions Walkthrough

Mass Effect Andromeda Character Creation, Combat Profiles, Classes, Customisation

Mass Effect Andromeda has done away with strict classes, but a new profiles system combined with a variety of skills allow you to make the Ryder you want.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Weapons Guide

Weapons play a major part in Mass Effect Andromeda, even if you set yourself up to be a space wizard by using loads of cool biotic powers.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Guide

Multiplayer in Andromeda offers plenty for players to dig into once they are done with the game's campaign. We've got plenty of useful advice to help you out.

Mass Effect Andromeda Optional Vault Walkthroughs and Side Missions

Some vaults aren't included in the main storyline so you'll only come across them if you look for them on each planet, such as on Elaaden and Havarl. They help make planets livable, so if you plan to set up outposts they are essential. We've got walkthroughs as activating the monoliths can be tricky, and the vaults themselves are home to some devlish puzzles. We've also got the Memory Trigger Locations for the Ryder Family Secrets mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda General Tips

There are loads of complex systems in Mass Effect Andromeda, but you don't have to know how they each work in order to reap their benefits. We've put together a bunch of useful tips and tricks so you can hit the ground running and don't miss out on any sweet loot. We'll add more to this as we get deeper into Andromeda, so keep checking back.

Scanning is useful for info and earning Research Data
  • Scan everything - You'll earn Research Data points that you can use to earn perks.
  • Push into cover - The cover system in Mass Effect Andromeda is context sensitive and occasionally is a little fiddly. Push Ryder into a wall or crate to make sure you're in the right stance and not exposed.
  • Remember your consumable items - It's easy to forget you have items you can use, be it an alternative type of ammo or a bolster to your shield. Access them from your weapon wheel and set up favourites.
  • Keep an eye on your emails - There's a computer terminal in Ryder's quarters and on the bridge of the Tempest. If you miss some messages it can hurt your relationships with characters.
  • Dress how you want - You can customise your outfit (to a degree) from Ryder's quarters on the Tempest, and also put on some snazzy music.
  • Always time for mining - Look out for mineral deposits while you're wandering around. Your HUD will show them when you're close.
  • Visit each planet - In each system there is usually a primary planet that you can land on, but others can be scanned. Do this whenever you enter a new system to earn items or XP.
  • Experiment with builds - There are loads of ways to customise your Ryder. Depending on how you spend your ability points you could go full soldier or go towards a biotic build that lets you throw enemies around. Put some points into a few to see what you like the most.
  • If You're Bored, Skip the Side Missions - There is loads to do in Mass Effect Andromeda, but a lot of it is busy work - especially near the start. If you're finding the optional tasks rather dull, just ignore them. The game picks up once you've set up your first outpost on Eos.

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