Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Building an Outpost, How to Complete A Better Beginning Mission, Peebee, Drack

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Building an Outpost, How to Complete A Better Beginning Mission, Peebee, Drack

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we'll talk throug the final stages of the Better Beginning mission, including recruiting Drack and Peebee to the team, and building an outpost on Eos.

Looking for different info on the game? We've got all you'll need in our Mass Effect Guide and Mission Walkthroughs.

Once you emerge on the surface of the planet you'll agree to take Peebee with you on the Tempest (bet you didn't see that coming?!). In other good news, thanks to your work in the vault, Eos is now a viable planet and you can build an outpost. Head to the outpost location marker and you'll find Drack taking on a group of Kett. Help him kill them and then welcome him into your party (two new party members in the bag in just a couple of minutes!). The Outpost Beacon is nearby, so walk over and activate it. You'll have to decide between building a military or scientific outpost. This choice will have consequences, both in terms of what the outpost does and how people see you. Make your choice and numerous shuttles will bring down a team to start colonization.

Activate this to set up your first outpost

After a somewhat barbed conversation with Addison, head over to the Tempest and take off. Once you're back in the bridge, walk over to the Planetary Map and zoom out until you can see Zheng He in the Heleus Cluster. Select Zheng He and then Nexus to travel there. Once you can see the Nexus itself, select the Docking Bay to go aboard. The settlers will all be excited and try to get information out of Ryder about Eos. Lieutenant Sajax, Kandros' aide, intervenes and depending on your Ryder you can make some wisecrack remarks about how great you are.

Hop onto the tram and take a ride to Nexus Operations. Head up the stairs immediately behind you and to the right, then walk left towards Director Tann's office. Open the door and you'll trigger a conversation with Tann, Kesh, and Kandros. There's a little bit of everyone trying to act like the big dog, and then the mission is completed.

We've also got lots of specific Mass Effect Andromeda tips for you, including solving Remnant Puzzles and understanding viability. Next up in the main story is the Trial of Hope mission, where you'll meet some new people. Head on through to find out who they are.

Now you've finished your first expansion mission and completed a vault you're ready to venture out into new and unexplored territory.

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