Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough: How to Complete A Dying Planet Mission, Havarl Vault, Vault Puzzle Solutions, Mithrava

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough: How to Complete A Dying Planet Mission, Havarl Vault, Vault Puzzle Solutions, Mithrava

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we’ll walk you through the ‘A Dying Planet’ mission set on Havarl. It’s quite a long mission and features numerous puzzles that need to be solved. It’s also the ideal way to find two Memory Triggers.

If you’ve already completed the ‘A Dying Planet’ Mission, head on over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Walkthrough for loads of helpful articles about the game.

Head here to enter Mithrava

Head to Havarl in Faroang. Once there talk to Kiiran Dals in the nearby building. You’ll activate the Dying Planet mission and be told to find the entrance to Mithrava. Follow the waypoint marker until you get to the entrance. The door won’t open so use the console nearby.

Get to the top of Mithrava

Once inside use the gravity well and keep going up. Once back outside, head round to the left. There’s a console tucked away near a way. Use this to move some pillars, allowing you to reach a higher platform.

From here use another console to activate a bridge. Cross this and head through the door. When you reach the top of Mithrava (surely a name lifted out of the Thundercats!) there is a group of angarans (plus a memory trigger, if you’re looking for them). Talk to Esmus and he’ll tell you to go to another location on Havarl.

Your waypoint marker is a vault (although not a special one). Head inside and use the gravity well. Then make your way through the door and use the console. This will open some doors. North is a dead end so go south through the door and down the ramp.

This will take you to a large room with numerous remnant enemies. Take them out and then go through the door. Keep going and you’ll eventually get to the heirloom you’ve been looking for. Now head to the camp in the east of Havarl. Go over the bridge and take out the enemies waiting for you. Up the stairs and through the door you’ll find an open area of land and a Forward Station.

Move towards the marker for Taavos’ camp, taking out any angaran enemies you encounter on the way. Head up the stairs to the top of the large building (a group of animals are blocking the staircase but can be easily cleared out with a grenade or two).

At the top another bunch of enemies await (funny note: one enemy got stuck behind a wall during my playthrough so I had to reload until he was free!). Kill them all and then go through the door to talk to Taavos. He’ll agree to take you to the monolith.

Head to the trench in Havarl and then take it north. Follow it all the way to the end and then you’ll come to the entrance of the monolith. Once inside you’ll just need to follow Taavos through the cave system. He’ll guide you to some remains. Scan these and then pick up the audio log. He’ll then guide you to a gravity well. If you run past the console you’ll find another memory trigger.

Activate the console and then head back to the gravity well. There’s a forward station you can fast travel to that’s nearby the monolith or just work your way over. Watch out for Challyrion when you get close - there are lots of them around - and for a bunch of remnant outside the vault.

Inside the Vault on Havarl

Once you’re inside use the console to turn on emergency power. This will cause a group of remnant to appear, so take them out. The main door won’t open so you’ll need to solve a console puzzle.

Solving the Console Puzzle in Havarl Vault

This one’s actually pretty easy. Activate each console in the order of one to four, with the number of glowing blue shapes next to the console signalling the number. Simple!

Remnant Decryption Puzzle in the Vault

Walk through the newly opened door and you’ll be in the final room. There’s a console that requires you to solve a Remnant Decryption Puzzle. Use our Remnant Puzzle solutions guide.

Activate the purification console, take out the remnant in the room, and then head out and back to the initial room. Use the console at the far end and you’re done. Use the gravity well and return to Kiiran Dals back near the starting area of Havarl.

If you want more on Mass Effect Andromeda, we’ve got a complete romance guide, a look at AVP and Cryp Pods, a guide to the best weapons, solutions to all Remnant Decryption Puzzles, an overview of crafting and mining, and detailed looks at combat profiles and powers.

That’s it. Mission complete.

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