Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Hunting the Archon, Kadara, Meeting Reyes, Finding Vehn

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Hunting the Archon, Kadara, Meeting Reyes, Finding Vehn

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

Following the rescue of the Moshae, Ryder is now trying to get to Meridian. The Kett Archon is said to have a map to Meridian so the hunt is on for the evil bad guy. First up Ryder must track down the angaran traitor, Vehn Terev, on Kadara Port. In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we'll walk you through the path to him and and what to do with him.

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Go to the bridge and use the Galaxy Map. Zoom out to see the Heleus Cluster, then target Govorkam. Once the game has shown an overly cinematic zoom in, target and head to Kadara.

Kadara has a slightly wild west feeling about it

Kadara is home to people who have been exiled from the Nexus. Once you've landed and had a brief chat with your squad, it's time to find and speak to the Resistance contact at Kralla's Song. Head down the stairs and straight forward to the large set of doors. This is Kralla's Song, a dingy bar the like of which you'd go to if you just wanted to sit and drink all day. Head to the bar and wait for your contact to arrive.

Meet Reyes

Shena (real name Reyes) turns up almost immediately. You'll talk about Sloane Kelly, the Outcast leader. Once Reyes departs head to their headquarters. This is easy enough to find. Just head out of the bar and right, up the ramp and through the large door. Talk to Sloane about getting your hands on Vehn - a man she wants dead. Following a fairly frosty conversation it's time to speak to Reyes again. Thankfully he's stood right outside the door.

Evfra wants Vehn alive, so Reyes passes Ryder a tool that will help Vehn escape from his cell. He also sends an unlock code to Ryder's omni-tool, allowing him to access a maintenance shaft. Head round the back of the station and ue the console to open the shaft. Use the console inside to open a door through to the cells and you've made it to Vehn.

You can sort of feel sorry for Vehn

Vehn is inside one of the cells. Talk to him to try and get information on the location of the Archon's ship. Vehn agrees to give you the location of a Kett Transponder in exchange for helping him escape. Head back out into the market and through to the docking area. Interact with the transit console to return to the Tempest.

Back aboard the Tempest you'll have a round-table meeting with your crew, after which a number of new missions will be added to your todo list. For now carry on with the hunt for the Archon on Kadara.

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This mission starts off pretty tame, but before the end you'll face some pretty tough fights. Make sure you've got a decent loadout and a strong team.

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