Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Behemoth, Find Archon’s Chamber, Relic, How to Complete Hunting the Archon

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Behemoth, Find Archon’s Chamber, Relic, How to Complete Hunting the Archon

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

Onto the final stage of the mission, this Mass Effect Andromeda guide will help you find the Archon's private chamber, get your hands on the relic, and defeat the tough Behemoth.

If you don't want info on how to get your hands on the map to Meridian, head over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough hub for loads of other useful articles. We promise you'll find something there of interest.

Find the Archon's Private Chamber and the Relic

This will open up once you've activated it in the next door room

With Ryder and his team now free from the Archon's stasis, head back towards the green-ish tank. From here take a left and then go through the first door. There's a maintenance hatch to activate, which opens up a path through at the far end of the room you found yourself in a moment earlier. Jump up and then go down through the hole into the maintenance chamber. Take the low road and then jump back up. Soon you'll hear an unnerving noise in the darkness up ahead. We wonder what that could be? It's just a wraith so nothing much to worry about, although it did kill a salarian before you got there. Poor guy!

A few doors later and you'll trigger a cutscene in which you see a Krogan in a tank, which SAM says has had its DNA altered. There's absolutely no chance that this is foreshadowing a fight that is coming up in the near future. None at all! The Archon's private chamber is next. Walk to the far end and find the relic. Interact with it and SAM will confirm it's what you've been looking for. Following some more cutscene chatting with the Archon and instructing the salarians to fire the EMP, that friendly looking Krogan from the tank emerges and it's time for a fight. Surprise!

Kill the Behemoth

This guy takes a lot of damage

This guy is tough, but not as challenging as the build up might have suggested. In fact the bigger threat in this battle might be the other kett enemies that appear and fight alongside him. Keep your distance from the behemoth as he'll charge you. As long as you run from cover to cover, leaving as much distance between you and it as possible, this fight isn't too tricky. Just watch out for other enemies firing from behind and set your squad mates to focus on the Behemoth.

Following the fight you have a hard choice to make: Save krogan scouts or save Pathfinder Reeka. The choice is yours, and it's not as easy one. Whatever your choice you'll have to fight your way off the kett ship but the following info has only been tested for the path that chooses saving Reeka.

This lengthy battle is tough and once again sees a swarm of kett foes of all classes trying to take you and your team out. It's also got two stages (with more challenging foes through the far door), with failure at the second returning you to the very start of the battle. How annoying!

Stage one isn't very hard. Stay behind cover near the start you entered the room and shoot the kett as they come towards you. Retreat back to cover the other side of the door if they get too close. This lets you take out all the standard enemies without much trouble as long as you stay disciplined and don't find yourself out of position. You can trigger the second wave by running into the far room, then retreat back to your safe place. Get your teammates to target the orb spinner while you tackle the other enemies. Then switch to focus all fire on orby.

Eventually you'll take him down and be able to use the terminal in the far room. This will free the salarian and allow you all to leave. Once you're back aboard the Tempest you'll have some conversations (some awkward ones considering the choice you had to make) and then it's time to carry on with the mission at hand.

If you want a break from making impossible decisions why not try romancing some characters, or brush up on mining and crafting. We've also got a breakdown of skills, plus helpful advice on how to solve Remnant Puzzles. Next up in the story is the Journey to Meridian.

That's the Hunting the Archon mission completed. Well done as there were some tricky firefights along the way.

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