Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Hunting the Archon, Salarian Ark, Infiltrate Kett Ship

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Hunting the Archon, Salarian Ark, Infiltrate Kett Ship

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

With Ryder and his team aboard the salarian ark it's time to find the Archon's private chamber and search it for the artifact that doubles as a map that will help locate Meridian. Follow our Mass Effect Andromeda guide to complete the mission.

If you're not looking for that particular guide we hoped you enjoyed reading that initial sentence and advise you to head over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough hub. Hopefully it'll have something you are looking for.

Immediately head to the end of the room and activate the console. This will allow SAM to access the ship's systems. After SAM has gained access to the ark, you're told to find salarian pathfinder Zevin Reeka. (Side point: That is a cool name and one I might give to a future child).

Make your way through to the medical room and scan the dead salarian. The medical terminal nearby will give more information, revealing that the salarian on the bed next door is in fact Pathfinder Zevin Reeka. But wait! It's not the Pathfinder after all. You've been played for a fool by the kett once again! Walk to the other end of the room and use the medical terminal to confirm who the dead salarian actually is. Exit the medbay and go on the look for the deceased salarian's pod.

Three pods are located on the far end of the corridor. Scan them to see who is inside and you'll find then use the console next door. Once Reeka is out of cryo sleep you'll talk about what it going on, before agreeing on a course of action.

Infiltrate the Kett Ship

Immediately on entering the Kett ship you'll be ambushed by a wave of enemies. These come at you from high vantage points, so take cover and use your squad to tackle certain groups. You shouldn't find the encounter too challenging unless you start to run around in the open, leaving yourself exposed to numerous angles at once.

Once the room is clear make your way up to a higher level and access the console. This will allow SAM to interface with the ship's systems and locate the Archon's private chamber. Once you've got some information out of Sam the salarian Pathfinder team will need your help. Assist them as they make their way off the Kett ship. This sounds grander than it actually is. All you need to do is walk over to the console the group is stood next to, then activate it to open the door and allow the salarian out.

Follow the marker and head into a large firefight against kett coming at you from superior elevated vantage points. There's a turret to the left, so make sure you take it out and stay in cover to avoid taking heavy damage. Have your squad mates tackle one side of the room each and mop up whoever makes it past them.

Head onwards through each door you come across. You might spot a worker wandering about, but he disappears through a door and can't be followed. Once you're in the massive room and can see the kett ship's massive guns pointing at the salarian ark, walk to the other side of the room (which is suspiciously empty but full of ammo and health recharge points) and the door will suddenly lock. A whole load of kett foes will storm into the room, posing the biggest threat in the game so far.

From up here you can see all the enemies down below

With a large room of enemies to contend with your best option here is to take out the kett on the high ground to the left (up the ramp), then use that area as a base to fight from. You'll have a height advantage and be able to see enemies as they approach. When the enemy with the orb shield arrives, make sure you make your team mates target the orb, allowing you to focus on taking shots from distance with a sniper rifle or a scoped assault rifle. If you stay back it's fairly easy to regain health while in cover, with only the beasts making a charge to get up close.

Make your way through the door SAM points to, then follow the route through the Reeka. She can't get a door open so help her out by accessing the console. Then it's back to the mission of finding the Archon. The kett are playing games with their doors again, so up ahead you'll have to get SAM to change your voice in order to fool a voice activated terminal. Those kett are such jokers!

Meeting the Archon

Carry on working your way from waypoint marker to waypoint marker. A corridor acts as a choke point thanks to a group of kett on the other side, but they aren't too much trouble. Head through the room full of pods and jump up the other side. You'll see a group of dead salarian and a medical room in which the kett are removing organs. Head through the door and a group of salarian will make a run for it. Kett will attack so quickly find cover and return fire. You'll face a couple of wraith, a chosen, and an anointed. Only the anointed with his heavy plasma cannon will cause any trouble.

Up ahead is a door. Go through and you'll trigger a cutscene with the Archon. After a little conversation he and his minions will leave you in stasis. SAM comes up with a way to get you out but it's not ideal.

If you're after more than walkthroughs, we've got romance guides for all the main characters, solutions to Remnant Puzzles, a look at AVP and Cryo Pods, an overview of skills, plus info on mining and crafting. Read on for how to complete the mission and find the map to Meridian.

After freeing yourself and your team (thanks to SAM's little trick) you've got to escape the tap set by the Archon.

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