Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Planetside Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete Planetside Mission

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

The first combat mission in Andromeda doesn't go smoothly. Here's how to get through it.

After a simple opening Mass Effect Andromeda really throws you into it with the Planetside mission. Sent down to Habitat 7 to see if it's a viable planet for colonization, the dropship carrying Ryder and other team members is hit by an electrical storm. Ryder survives but he and Liam must find everyone else and see what's causing the dangerous weather.

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With Liam as your only companion, the goal here is to find all missing squadmates and figure out if the alien tower is controlling the weather. If it can be disabled there might still be hope for sustainable life on Habitat 7.

Run through the electric fields and you should be fine

First up is an electrical field, with bolts striking the ground. Sprint through it and you'll be fine, although Liam can be heard shouting out numerous times, presumably because he's been hit. Poor Liam. Thankfully it doesn't seem to have any long term impact on him, but might explain the wooden dialogue delivery!

Keep following the path, using your jump jets to reach high or distant platforms - Ryder will automatically clamber up if he reaches the edge of a platform. You'll come across a strange alien species looking at Fisher. Although protocol says only to engage in combat if fired upon, these aliens don't take kindly to approaching cautiously and open fire. Take them out, scan their bodies and search the wreckage.

Once you've searched the area head northeast and take out the group of aliens. Take cover behind some rocks and shoot all them all. They aren't tricky because at this point you're still meant to be learning the ropes. You'll also be given the option to go check on Kirkland. Head west to find him attempting to reason with some aliens. He isn't successful and is shot! Nooooooooooooo!! OK, that's deal with so you can kill the aliens and collect everything in the area.

You can either carry on past the alien structure next to where Kirkland died or head back to the first alien structure and follow the path northwest. By taking the second option You'll get to a cave or sorts that is home to a strange flying creature. It'll fly off before you get the chance to do anything. Head down and across the chasm using your jetpack and hover ability (hold LT/L2 while in the air), picking up items as you go.

Run through the electric fields and you should be fine

Once you reach a platform that branches off, head along the rocks until your reach another area being patrolled by aliens. Take these out and head into the open area to be given another optional objective to investigate the crashed alien ship.

Up ahead and to the right is a cave system complete with plant life and a trapped animal of some sort - perhaps the aliens heard about Pokemon through an ancient data transmission and wanted to make their own real life version. If you ignore the cave and carry on a gap through the rocks takes you to a large base. You can't make it into the base due to a forcefield but you can open a door that takes you back to the main area. Remember where the gap in the rocks is as you'll need to come back here later.

From here you can easily to to Greer and complete another optional objective. Greer is in a cave, the entrance to which lies between the two alien building markers on the map. Exit the cave and head left. Carry on this direction until you see a large structure and are given another new optional objective to investigate said building. Head through the electricity field and into the building.

Run through the electric fields and you should be fine

All the lights are off so you need to find a generator to get everything back online. It might seem a little Aliens, but don't worry. The chance to throw in some jump scares isn't taken. From where you entered, head through the door to the right, then over to the other side of the room. Head up the ramp and into a room that houses a large generator. Interact with it and the power will be restored. A door will also open back on the other side, to the left of the ramp out of the room. Follow the orange markers if you're lost.

Head into the new room and at the far end is a robot. It's hostile so take it out and then examine its remains. On exiting the alien building, head towards the north of the map where the markers for the optional flare investigation mission and Shuttle Alpha are located.

If you head towards the second alien building, near the doors you opened previously, a squad of enemies will appear and attempt to take you out. As long as you take cover you should be able to dispatch them without too much difficulty. From here head over the gap using your jetpack and then up and around to reach the rest of your team. They are under attack from enemy soldiers and dogs (we say dogs, but these things aren't poodles!), so dig in and take them all out from cover.

Once you've defeated two waves of enemies you'll get a call from Pathfinder (daddy), but he'll get cut short. Your next job is to find him. He's back over near the alien building in the gap you should have made a note of earlier, so go back there. Follow the canyon wall to the gap, jump up and your dad is waiting.

After a brief conversation about how destroying the tower will bring an end to the electricity storm, Pathfinder Dad detonates some explosives and the force field is disabled. It's time to take on the aliens.

Gradually make your way up the alien structure, staying close to Pathfinder Dad. He'll take out most enemies with ease, but chip in where possible to try and make a good impression. At the top a door is locked so you'll need to provide cover while Pathfinder Dad does his business. This is a classic video game trope and will end after a certain amount of time, with the enemy retreating. During this encounter you'll also be taught how to issue squad commands, which is useful.

Eventually Pathfinder Dad will gain access to the door, although he requires your assistance to open the door. Once inside he'll interact with the terminal in an extremely cool way (possibly how you'll have to unlock the next iPhone). Everything went smoothly, but then things take a sudden turn for the worst.

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Now Mass Effect Andromeda will really get going, so buckle in for what is going to be an epic interplanetary adventure.

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