Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Kett Cardinal, Save Moshae, How to Complete the A Trial of Hope Mission

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Kett Cardinal, Save Moshae, How to Complete the A Trial of Hope Mission

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we'll walk you through what can be a tough boss encounter, as you find the Moshae and attempt to get off Voeld.

We've got far more than just mission walkthroughs, so head through to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough for specific guides.

Kill the Kett Cardinal

A battle against the Kett Cardinal and his minions is the first real test you'll face in Mass Effect Andromeda. Kett soldiers will cause some trouble, so be aware of them, but the real pain here is the Cardinal. He has a shield that is powered by an orb that circles him. There's no point targeting the Cardinal until you've shot down his orb and disabled the shield.

Take cover within range of the Cardinal and take out his orb. You can also instruct team members to do the same. Once his shield drops hit him with all you've got before he recovers and another orb appears. Repeat this process.

Don't let the Cardinal get in close as he'll grab you and you'll be killed instantly. Always keep your distance. If you've got any consumables to improve your shield or any high powered ammo, use them. Don't waste any of the good ammo on the orb.

If you can stay alive (and remember to revive any fallen team mates) you'll eventually deplete the Cardinal's health and he'll fall. Mop up any remaining Kett in the area and then go over to the Moshae and talk to her.

You'll face a tough decision and then a tough firefight as you await extraction. Stay close to the Moshae and don't let the giant rock beasts get too close. Hold on long enough and the ship will arrive, getting off the Kett facility.

Back on the Tempest there's time for a conversation with the Moshae, where Ryder convinces her to help him find the vault. Head over to the bridge and set off to Aya.

On landing you're warmly greeted by the angarans, with the Moshae leading you to Evfra. A deal is struck between the Nexus and the people of Aya, and the Moshae has a shuttle ready to take Ryder to the vault. Head there now or take a look around Aya.

Once you board the shuttle you'll trigger a cutscene with the Moshae. At the vault you'll have a brief conversation and then return to the city. Head back to Evfra's office in resistance HQ.

Head over to our guide on AVP and Cryo Pods for details on how to gain perks. We've also got a guide to solving Remnant Puzzles, and a look at crafting items and blueprints.

That's the Trial of Hope mission finished. Well done for getting this far and not stopping the moment you saw an odd facial animation.

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