Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete the A Trial of Hope Mission, Voeld, Habitat 6

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete the A Trial of Hope Mission, Voeld, Habitat 6

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

Voeld is cold and full of Kett. This Mass Effect Andromeda guide will walk you through the Kett station as you get closer to the game's first boss-like battle.

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Voeld is a treacherous snow covered planet, and your life support will drain while stood out in the open. Be careful not to dawdle while moving to your objective, although be on the lookout for mineral deposits along the way. Stand next to heaters when you get the chance to replenish your life support and then keep moving until you get to the Resistance. Talk to them and agree to head out.

You'll take a short shuttle trip to a new location. Once you're there head to the middle of the shield up ahead. There's an access terminal that you can interact with to hack the system. This will create a small hole that the squad can fit through. Take out the dogs that attack and then blast through the vent that's blocking your path.

You'll move through to a large room filled with Kett. Take them all out. This is pretty simple if you stay on the high platform and have a scoped weapon. Talk to Commander Heckt and then split up. Follow a fairly straight path until you enter a room with a handful of Kett. Kill them and then activate the console to see what the Kett are doing win the angara. Jaal will strongly suggest you try to save all the angara rather than just focus on finding the Moshae.

Head through the door to the left of the console and interact with the terminal beneath the hologram of the Archon. Then head to the opposite side of the room and go through the door. Go to the left and walk along the forcefield covering the floor. Head straight down the proceeding corridor and into a battle with the Kett. They come from both sides so be careful and stay behind cover.

Walk along the edge of the forcefield then carry on

Head left and go straight to the end of the path. Up and to your right is another vent blocking your way. Shoot it out and go through, deactivating the shield on your way. The next room houses the pods holding the angara. You've got to find the Moshae so get out your scanner and start looking. She's not in any of the pods, so interface with the console and SAM will perform a scan. A forcefield blocking a door is disabled, allowing you to walk through.

There's a cool bit of plot development next, but the result is more enemies to kill. Again, this isn't tricky. Take them all out then talk to Jaal. Follow the marker through to try and find the Moshae, leading to another firefight. This time you can just run straight to the markers and up a lift. You're on the trail of the Kett Cardinal.

Next up you'll be on the hunt for the Moshae and come face to face with the Kett Cardinal. We've also got articles on understanding AVP and solving Remnant Puzzles.

Head onwards for a tough boss fight and some big plot development choices.

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