Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete The Journey to Meridian, Brother/Sister, Khi Tasira

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - How to Complete The Journey to Meridian, Brother/Sister, Khi Tasira

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

As Ryder's mission nears its conclusion it's time to find Meridian and deal with some sibling issues. In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we'll walk you through getting to Meridian and point out a questline that must be tackled before carrying on. There's even a little bit of a firefight at the end of this section, so look forward to that!

If you're after help but not this kind of help, head on over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Walkthrough. It's got heaps of information that will let you become a better Pathfinder.

First off you'll need to use the Galaxy Map to travel to the Nexus in Zheng He. Once there you'll be greeted by everyone, and then it's time to speak to the leaders on the Nexus. It's worth pointing out that the time you have to visit your sibling in medical is about to run out. Visit now or else it'll be too late. Following this, take the tram to operations. Head over to where you usually find Director Tann and you'll be taken into a conversation with all the leaders.

Naturally there is some heated discussion over what happened onboard the salarian ark and the kett ship. Depending on your choice back then you'll see different characters being displeased with how things unfolded.

Ryder Brother or Sister Issues

During discussions you'll be told that your sister/brother is awake, so you're automatically taken to the medical lab. Your sibling will react differently depending on if you paid them a visit. Once you've caught up, use the tram to head to the docking bay and talk to the other Pathfinders.

Head to the tech lab on the second floor of the Nexus common area to trigger a conversation. Next up you need to research Ghost Storm technology and integrate it with the Tempest. Go back down to the docking area and board the Tempest to carry on the mission. Once aboard head to the Research Room and use the terminal on the wall.

That's the research integration sorted (surprisingly simple really). Next you need to call a general meeting with the crew of the Tempest. Head up to the vidcon room and select the meeting from the vidcon terminal menu. You'll talk about the plan being somewhat risky, but unless you do it it's Game Over, so there's no choice really.

Travel to Khi Tasira

Go to the bridge and travel to Civki. In here you'll find Khi Tasira, the supposed location of the Meridian. Target the planet and you'll skydive to the surface. To the right is a console. Activate this and the bridge up ahead will become functional. Head forward until you reach another console. Use this to trigger a scene in which you learn about the two towers. Take the gravity well down, then fight through a few waves of kett.

Once the area is clear you can go left to the Ruined Tower in the exploration sector, or right to the Garden Tower in the research sector.

Carry on with this guide to learn how to make it to and through the Ruined Tower and the Garden Tower. We've also got loads of other great Mass Effect Andromeda content for you, including how to solve remnant puzzles, an explanation of AVP and Cryo Pods, details on mining and crafting, plus a complete guide to romancing characters in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Get ready as the fights to follow are a lot tougher than what's gone before.

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