Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Archon’s Sword, How to Complete The Journey to Meridian

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Kill Archon’s Sword, How to Complete The Journey to Meridian

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

With the end of the Journey to Meridian in sight, one thing stands in your way of success: Archon's Sword. In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we'll help you kill Kill Archon’s Sword, and stop the other kett enemies from causing too much trouble.

If you have already killed Archon's Sword or stumbled upon this page far too earlier in your playthrough of the game, we've got plenty more articles on our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Walkthrough hub.

You might have saved yourself facing an entire kett army by using the remnant defense systems, but the Archon's Sword is here to try and take you out. He's a challenge, mainly because he can cloak and get in very close before you know he's there.

Kill Archon's Sword

When he first enters the room use your high vantage point to pepper him with fire and any other attacks you have at your disposal. At this point he's a sitting duck. Once you take his health down to a certain level he'll cloak. More enemies will keep spawning in, along with some proper heavy duty units. There's no ideal place to stay safe, so keep moving and try to get into positions where you can see any oncoming enemies. Archon's Sword will disappear completely at various points, during which time you can put all your efforts into disposing the other kett foes.

The Archon's Sword is far deadlier than the kett soldiers, so when he's back on the scene it's important to give him your whole attention. Try to get your team members to deal with the soldiers while you tackle the big cheese.

A health recharge point is at the rear of the room and there are ammo points scattered around. If you try to work your way around the room in circles you'll be able to run over ammo recharge points and regularly get a health recharge too. Eventually you'll take down Archon's Sword. It's worth noting that the fight will end as soon as he's killed, so don't waste too much time taking on other enemies unless they are directly trying to kill you.

The fight against Archon's Sword comes quite late on in Mass Effect Andromeda, but if you're still unsure about certain things we've got plenty of guides for you. Become the romance king or queen with our guide to romancing characters in Mass Effect Andromeda, learn all about AVP and Cryo Pods, become an expert on combat profiles, and master how to solve remnant puzzles. Next up is the Way Home mission.

After the fight a cutscene will be triggered in which you think about what's next and you'll even get the support of the Initiative!. You're nearing the end now, so gear up for the final fight.

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