Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Beat Archon and Finish Mass Effect Andromeda, How to Complete The Way Home

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough - Beat Archon and Finish Mass Effect Andromeda, How to Complete The Way Home

A complete guide to your space adventure, including full mission walkthroughs and loads of advice to help make your journey easier.

In this Mass Effect Andromeda guide we get down to the big event: how to beat Archon in the climactic boss battle. We also deal with the foes you'll face on the way to him.

If you have somehow managed to find this guide to the very end of the game and would rather start at an earlier point, we've got a Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Walkthrough rammed full with superb guides. Go and take a look.

Nomad on Meridian

The first stage of this mission sees you driving the Nomad. There's very little threat here, so just keep following the path down until you jump over an edge and the Nomad doesn't work any more. Now on foot, carry on along the obvious path, taking out kett as you go. There are a couple of big enemies around, such as the Behemoth, so be careful and make sure you're packing nice powerful weapons. Head inside.

A console just inside the door will activate a Gravity Well. Use the well to head down and go after the Archon. There's a fairly large firefight up ahead, complete with numerous heavy kett and remnant units. Stay on the highest level and attack from a distance.

Once the enemies have been cleaned out, head down until you reach a console. Use it to activate a bridge next to it. Cross this and then go right. Another terminal is ahead, this time activating a bridge to the right. Cross this one too, then head left to start a fight with a kett ascendant.

Taking on the Kett Ascendant

This is no different to how you've handled Ascendant throughout the game. Once again aim for the orb first to disable the shield, then fire everything you've got (and get allies targeting him) to deplete his health. There are a lot of kett in this area so be careful you don't get overwhelmed by enemy fire.

Following a dramatic cutscene you'll need to defeat a bunch of kett who are guarding a Gravity Well. This sounds like it's going to be easy, but it's far from it. This lot include the biggest enemies from kett and remnant. If you've got it, Incendiary Ammo will help you clear the group. Stay away from the cover at the top of the room as the barriers will be blasted through in no time.

Once you finally put an end to this lot you can carry on. A series of doors will be closed funneling you down a certain route. You'll come to another Gravity Well, this time carrying you across a large gap. Run down what seems like an never ending bridge (we know you're meant to be soaking in the view, but it's still an overly long bridge) and open the door at the other end.

How to Beat Archon and Finish Mass Effect Andromeda

This thing looks tough, but generally it's not hard to keep away from

You don't get to fight Mr Archon right away, instead having to take on yet another Ascendant and one of his damn orbs. Just get rid of him as quickly as possible before moving on to the other kett in the area. If you can keep the Ascendant on one side of the room you stay a fair distance from the others. If you've got some consumable to enhance ammo damage, use those once his shield is down - don't waste them on the orb.

Once you make it to Archon, he's not actually there but in control of a massive remnant unit that fires devastating blasts from its centre. There are numerous parts to this fight, with your sibling telling you where to go and what to do. This includes killing all the remnant, activating consoles, and firing on the massive remnant machine.

The tricky part here is staying alive. You'll always know what you're meant to be doing (if there isn't a console to interface with you'll need to kill remnant), so just stay alive long enough for the main tripod machine monster to have a health bar. Once this is revealed you have a small window to inflict damage. Attack it as much as possible during each of these and you'll eventually interface with a terminal that finishes it off. If you're struggling not to die, find the locations of health recharge points and use it as a kind of based of operations for each encounter.

If you can't get enough help with Mass Effect Andromeda, we've got a guide to romancing Mass Effect Andromeda characters, an overview of AVP and Cryo Pods, a look at mining and crafting, how to solve remnant puzzles, and a detailed look at combat profiles.

That's Mass Effect Andromeda done and dusted. Well done, Pathfinder!

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