Mass Effect Andromeda Romance and Sex Guide - Peebee, Cora, Jaal, Gil, Vetra, Suvi, Liam

A step by step walkthrough to get up close and personal with the the main Mass Effect Andromeda characters. To be blunt: this is how to have sex with them! Complete Romance Guide.

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As you play through Mass Effect Andromeda, you'll build relationships with your crew members. In classic Mass Effect fashion, many of those relationships can turn romantic. In this Mass Effect Andromeda Romance guide we'll explain how the romance system works and how to romance each of the main characters. To be blunt, this Mass Effect Andromeda Romance guide will tell you how to have sex in Mass Effect Andromeda. If that's your thing, we're here to help!

If you're concerned about nudity in Mass Effect Andromeda (or, more likely, looking for it!), be aware that only some of the characters actually strip bare. Ryder, Peebee, Jaal, and Cora all expose their bodies, if that's the info you've come looking for.

If you're not keen on having romantic liaisons with Andromeda's characters, that's your choice. We've got plenty more useful tips in our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough. It's got explanations and advice on mining, crafting, cryo pods, and more.

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance and Sex

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance and success in attempting to romance characters come down to a number of options and characteristics:

  • Romantic Dialog Options
  • Answer Emails
  • Character Loyalty Missions
  • Gender of Ryder

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Dialog Options

Mass Effect Andromeda provides easy-to-interpret symbols next to dialog options to let you know what choices to make if you're looking to take the next step with one of the members of the Tempest. The heart symbol means that it's a romantic dialog option.

That doesn't mean that a dialog choice with the heart next to it automatically leads to sex. Most characters require a lot of dialog and a loyalty mission before they're ready to take the leap. Conversations with your crewmates can only help build these relationships. If you're looking for romantic entanglements, there's a pretty simple routine to follow throughout your playthrough.

Answering Emails to Further Mass Effect Andromeda Romance

You have to go back to the Tempest ship after every mission. When you're there, the first thing you should do is check your email. You can do this one of two places. There's an email terminal just behind and to the left of the galaxy map, or you can check it in Ryder's quarters in the corner next to SAM. Missions and relationships are often progressed through email, so take a look at them and select "acknowledge" next to any messages that allow you. Once emails are checked, talk to every crewmate you have. Most of the time, crewmates won't have anything new to discuss and you'll see that you've exhausted most of the dialog options, but talking to them too much won't count against your relationships. The crewmembers tend to move freely around the ship. Be sure to check out the map to see their whereabouts.

You can start building your romantic relationships after setting up a settlement on Eos. That's the first major planet you encounter. Once you return to the Tempest after that, crew members will be more willing to talk to you. Keep in mind that you can talk to crew members twice after that mission. If it seems like they're finished talking, talk to them again to learn more about them and to strengthen your bonds.

Character Loyalty Missions Progress Romantic Relationships

Character loyalty missions won't always lead to romantic entanglements, but they can certainly take things in the right direction. Be sure to tackle these early and often. You can check your journal log to see if you have any loyalty missions available. In the Journal tab, select Allies and Relationships. That will show you a list of missions that you can do to please specific characters aboard the Tempest. Completing these will build those relationships. Even if they don't lead to romance, you'll be able to further level up the characters that the mission concerns.

Your gender does have an effect on the relationships you can pursue. You won't be able to romance certain characters if you play as Scott or Sara Ryder. For example, Gil will only sleep with Scott and Liam will only sleep with Sara. Characters will make it pretty clear early on if they're interested or not. Just be sure to select the "heart" dialog option to delve deeper into the romance paths. We'll keep an eye on this and update should this be proven to be incorrect.

Who can you Romance in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Both Liam and Peebee will talk to you and approach you for casual sex. Keep in mind that this doesn’t lock out other romance lines, and it doesn’t commit you to them. So feel free to enjoy their... ahem... company and continue to play the field aboard the Tempest.

Follow our advice and you should be able to charm your way into intimate exchanges with most of the core Andromeda characters. You're welcome!

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