Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Sex Scene: How to Romance

Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Sex Scene: How to Romance

A step by step walkthrough to get up close and personal with the the main Mass Effect Andromeda characters. To be blunt: this is how to have sex with them! Complete Romance Guide.

Like Liam, Peebee is one of the first characters aboard the Tempest. She is also one of the flirtiest characters you'll interact with, always being happy to have a chat laced with the kind of innuendo you only find in video game dialog. Required: Male or Female Ryder.

If you don't want to have a very adult hug with Peebee, perhaps our other tips and advice will be more your thing. We've got a huge Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough hub full of useful info.

Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee - How to Romance

You can start to build your relationship with Peebee after you build a settlement on Eos. She's also the easiest to find. She can be found near the escape pod behind the galaxy map and to the right. Romancing her takes some time and several steps, but is pretty straight forward if you follow her requests and keep her happy. She'll start talking romance pretty much right out of the gate.

She'll talk about everything being temporary and why she's on the mission. Respond with the romantic choice of, "You crave excitement, huh?" She'll come right back with what is basically a proposition. She's already feeling your style. If you speak to her a second time you can flirt with her some more. There's actually a dialog choice called "Flirting," which is always a good choice when trying to woo characters in Mass Effect.

After you are forced to land on the world of the Angara, you'll get a notification that Peebee has a special mission for you. Once you're back on the Tempest, talk to her. She'll complain about Jaal and the conversation that took place with the crew. Eventually, you'll get the opportunity to flirt. After that conversation, head to your cabin and check your email. She'll tell you that she needs one particular piece of rem-tech to complete her project. It's located on Voeld.

Bluealiensex.jpg (the joke is that it's actually a png file!)

Pay her a visit after you complete her side mission on Voeld. She'll ask you to stop poking around while she works on her new secret project. After you tell her that you're naturally curious, she'll tell you that you're one of a kind. Respond with "it's true." She responds with some more flirting and tells you that her project will be finished the next time you board the Nexus.

Head to her apartment on the Nexus. She'll show you what she's been building. It's a Remnant drone. An old friend named Kalinda will barge in. Stand up for Peebee when you have the opportunity. Kalinda will leave, which leaves you time to talk with Peebee. Tell her you care about her when you have the dialog option.

After rescuing the Moshae on Voeld, speak to Peebee. Tell her that you thought you were being lured to her apartment for a romantic entanglement. She'll ask you if you "thought" or you "hoped." Tell her you "hoped." After that exchange, you can ask her more about her old flame Kalinda.

Once you head back to Aya with the Moshae, check your email when you're back on the Tempest. Peebee says she found a museum there and tells you to meet her there. Acknowledge the email and you can meet her at that location. Peebee will be waiting at the museum, but she'll be a tad inebriated. Talk her through it and tell her everyone needs to let loose one and a while.

Once you're back on the Nexus, go to her quarters. She'll be working on the escape pod and invite you in. Tell her "You thought she'd never ask." Then the deed will be done once you say "heck yeah" to her requests. If you tell her you want strings attached, you won't have sex with her, and you'll instead take the relationship slow.

The relationship with Peebee isn’t finished. You can still strengthen your bond with her by carrying out her side missions. This will make your relationship with her be more than just physical. You’ll have to head to a Remnant ruin on Eos and then another on Havarl. On Havarl, you’ll have to go inside a vault. After that, there’s one more piece to find on Kadara. Once you try to find the third piece, you’ll learn that someone has broken into the ship and stolen Peebee’s Remnant bot. You’ll have to wait until you get a lead on where to find it. Complete the next main story mission, and Peebee will have a lead once you reboard the Tempest.

Meet Peebee in the bar on Kadara. She’ll be sitting with someone named Samrick when you arrive. He’ll give you the location of the person who stole the bot. You’ll have to head to Elaaden.

After you complete her loyalty mission, Peebee will want to go on another adventure to find some more Remnant tech. Tell her you’re game to unlock the next step of her loyalty mission. This is a longer mission, where you’ll have to make some decisions at the end of it. The person who stole her tech will be on the brink of death, but the tech will be lost if you choose to save her. Peebee will tell you that she doesn’t want the thief to die. Don’t respond to the prompt to shoot her. Peebee will save her and she’ll be happy you respected her wishes.


The next step of Peebee’s romance line can be accessed after you complete the “Journey To Meridian” main story mission. Head upstairs to the meeting room. Peebee will confess to the crew that she’s happy she’s part of the team and isn’t going anywhere. Ryder will be the last crew member waiting for her at the end and Peebee will plant you with a great big kiss.

There’s one more thing to do to seal the deal with Peebee. Leave the Tempest and come back. Peebee will have left you an email about a surprise in the Pathfinder cabin. Head to your quarters and interact with the beverage next to the bed. This will trigger Peebee’s final cutscene in her romance line.

If Peebee isn't enough for you (you scoundrel!), we've also got guide on how to Romance Liam Kosta, Vetra, and Jaal, plus a general how to guide for romancing characters in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Peebee always seemed nice. Right from the moment she leapt on top of you inside the vault on Eos.

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