Mass Effect Andromeda Suvi: How to Romance

Mass Effect Andromeda Suvi: How to Romance

A step by step walkthrough to get up close and personal with the the main Mass Effect Andromeda characters. To be blunt: this is how to have sex with them! Complete Romance Guide.

Conversations with Suvi open up after completing the preliminary missions on Eos. Complete that first mission and start up the first settlement, and then you'll be able to interact Suvi from her station on the bridge of the Tempest. Required: Female Ryder.

If you're not interested in romancing Suvi or any of the other characters in the game, head over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Mission Walkthrough hub for loads of other useful information.

Mass Effect Andromeda Suvi - How to Romance

You can find Suvi at the front of the ship to the left of the galaxy map. She'll talk about how beautiful space is around her. Agree with her and tell her that "We should chat more on this." She says she would like that. Talk to her for a second time and bring up the subject of wild parties. She'll tell you you're adorable. Now that you're on the right track, tell her you like her in the next dialog choice. Follow that up by telling her she's cute. You'll both get flustered. She'll tell you the feeling is mutual.

After saving the Moshae from the facility on Voeld, check your email and speak to Suvi. She'll tell you about licking rocks. True story. After that, she'll start talking about her parents. Assure her she's not alone. She'll tell you she's here for you. If you talk to her again, she'll want to make snacks for the crew's movie night, but she needs the right plant. That gives you the mission: Movie Night: Snacks where you have to find a plant on Aya for Suvi. Since you have to go back there with the Moshae, that's the perfect time to get the plant she needs.

You can find the plant at the General Good Merchant on Aya. Buy the Tavarv Plant at the bottom of the item list for 10 credits. Give it to her once you're back on the Tempest.

Following the mission "Hunting the Archon," you'll be able to talk to Suvi more. She'll tell you that she needs a break and invite you to come along. You'll meet with her in your quarters and you'll both talk about the life you left behind. In the middle of one of her sentences, you'll be able pull the trigger (literally) to kiss her. She'll tell you she's only interested in you if you mean it. So, tell her you mean it with the dialog option "I mean it."

You don't have to worry about any loyalty missions with Suvi. After you've completed "Journey to Meridian" and you've already committed to her by kissing her, check your email. There's something Suvi wants to show you in the Nexus Tech Lab. Head to the Nexus and upstairs from the docking port to the tech lab. Suvi will be waiting for you and your confession of love.

If Suvi isn't enough for you, check out the romance guides for Jaal, Vetra, Liam and Peebee. We've also got a general guide to romancing in Mass Effect Andromeda, plus a super helpful guide to solving Remnant Puzzles.

Now you've romanced your main line of communication with the Nexus. That should make for a pretty interesting work environment.

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