Mass Effect Andromeda Vetra: How to Romance

Mass Effect Andromeda Vetra: How to Romance

A step by step walkthrough to get up close and personal with the the main Mass Effect Andromeda characters. To be blunt: this is how to have sex with them! Complete Romance Guide.

Vetra appears on the Tempest from the ship's very first journey. Speak to her after the first planet mission on Eos, and you'll already get a strong romantic vibe from her. There isn't much you'll need to do to take her romance storyline all the way. Required: Male or Female Ryder.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Vetra - How to Romance

Talk to her after the first planet. She's by the nomad. One of your first responses can be a romantic one, "You're intense. I like it." That will start things on the right foot. If you talk to her again, you can ask her if she has anyone special in her life. Take that route to continue the romance. She'll ask if you have anyone in your life. Keep things interesting by saying, "Hopefully soon."

Speak to Vetra after you destroy or liberate the Kett facility on Voeld. She'll have a conversation with you about her family and yours. You'll have the relationship dialog choice "you're too tough for that." She'll tell you she has a good feeling about you.

After you complete "Hunting the Archon," head to Vetra's area and speak to her. She'll talk about her sentimental attachment to some things from before embarking on the adventure. Eventually, you can choose the romantic dialog option and tell her that she's looking for someone to explore the galaxy with. Of course, you'll be talking about Vetra herself. She'll take notice and the conversation will end there.

What a lovely peak!

After the “Hunting the Archon” mission, you’ll have a message from Vetra. She wants to take you to the Sulfur Springs on Kadara. Head there with her in the party. She wants to show you a beautiful view on top of a cliff, but you’ll both have to climb up there. She’ll ask you what you want if you win. Choose the romantic option. You’ll then get the timed option to cheat and use your jump jets. Don’t do it and let her win. You’ll share a romantic moment at the top with both of you enjoying the sky. She’ll ask you if the feelings between both of you are real. Tell her they are, and then kiss her when you’re prompted to. This will commit you to Vetra’s romance line and it will close all other romance options.

After you’ve committed to Vetra and completed the main story mission “Journey to Meridian,” find and speak to her aboard the Tempest, she’ll have something special for you. She made you a special Earth dinner. Well, at least she tried. Be nice to her and hug her when you have the button prompt. Then you’ll be able to tell her you love her, which leads to the end of Vetra’s romance line.

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That's Ryder and Vetra settled in a long-term relationship. How do you feel about that? Is it what you wanted?

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