Mass Effect Andromeda - AVP, Cryo Pod Points, Planetary Viability, Perks

How to Complete AVP Cryo Deployment Perks Mission, understand Andromeda Viability Points, and Cryo Pods. Complete guide.

Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) might have an unfortunate name in the world of science fiction, but they are very useful. AVP lead to perks that help you out on your mission. As Pathfinder you have to choose what's important to life in Heleus. In this Mass Effect Andromeda Guide to AVP, Cryo Pods and Planetary Viability we'll go over all the key systems so you can make the most informed choices.

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Mass Effect Andromeda AVP - Why is it Important?

If you're reading this having played through a chunk of early game content you've most likely been earning AVP without really knowing what benefit it gives you. To unlock the full suite of options related to AVP you'll first need to complete the AVP Cryo Deployment Perks mission, accessible once you've colonized Eos. Head to Addison in Nexus Operations and she'll emotionlessly tell you what the deal is, then pass you over to her assistant, Brecka. Here you'll learn about how to access to AVP Status terminal.

How to Earn AVP in Mass Effect Andromeda

In Andromeda you earn AVP by scouting planets, making allies, defeating threats, repairing damaged environments, and anything else that makes Heleus a better home.

Each planet has its own viability rating. Earning AVP on a potential colony world will increase the viability rating of that planet. Outposts can't be established on these planets until a viability rating of 40% has been achieved and in some cases other criteria met.

How to Earn Cryo Pod Points in Mass Effect Andromeda

The bigger picture is your Nexus level, which increases as you reach certain overall AVP. Earn enough by carrying out the actions mentioned above and you'll tick that Nexus level over to the next number and in turn earn a Cryo Pod Point. These can be used to activate a pod currently in cryo sleep on the Nexus. Special Cryo Pods may become available based on the viability of specific worlds.

Once you have activated a pod you're essentially waking up a portion of the Nexus crew to do a job. This will either give passive benefits to you or reward you at regular intervals. Rewards must be claimed from the AVP Status Terminal in Nexus Ops or from the terminal in the Tempest's research room.

It's up to you as the Pathfinder to decide which pods to wake up and give you the best perks for the tasks at hand.

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AVP and Cryo Pods are key subsystems in Mass Effect Andromeda. Take your time to get used to the system as correct choices will pay off over time. It's also worth noting that more Cryo Pod options will unlock as you go, so check back to see what's new.