Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons - Maximum Weapon Slots, Mods, Augments, Best Loadouts

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons - Maximum Weapon Slots, Mods, Augments, Best Loadouts

A complete guide to the best weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda, info on what blueprints to make and the resources you’ll need to construct the weapons. Weapon Slots guide.

Although Mass Effect Andromeda lets you build a character capable of essentially being a space wizard, weapons still play a vital part in combat. There’s also an awful lot to weapons in BioWare’s game, so we’ve made a Mass Effect Andromeda weapons guide to explain it all and give you some helpful tips. Whether you want a gun that looks like a Nerf Gun or a pistol with the power of a small rhino, we've got what you need.

If you’re not bothered about learning about the best weapons in the game and are happy to fight through Heleus with what is only one rung above a spud gun, head on over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Guide and Walkthrough hub for loads of other info.

How to get new Weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda

There are a handful of routes to get hold of new weapons. Loot drops can give you decent weapons, although the quality can’t be guaranteed. Weapons can be bought from merchants using credits, letting you choose exactly what you want providing the merchant has stock. You can also craft weapons using materials, as long as you’ve got the blueprint made from research data.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapon Augments

Augments are permanent ‘enhancements’ to weapons that are built it when the item is crafted. You’ll get new augs through blueprints. Before you craft a weapon you can choose a number of augs, with the weapon info saying how many can be applied to the build. Be careful what you choose as they can’t be changed, so if you mess up you’ll need to build the weapon from scratch again.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapon Mods

Mods are similar to augs in some ways, as they provide buffs or supplemental abilities, but they can be switched around whenever you like providing you can access a loadout station. Mods are item specific, so you’ll acquire them for each weapon type.

Maximise Weapon Slots in Mass Effect Andromeda

When you start the game you have three weapon slots, with one being for a melee weapon and two for guns. You can upgrade to five slots by putting skill points into Combat Fitness. At Rank 3 you get one extra slot, and at Rank 5 (assuming you choose the option) you get one more.

If you want to know specific weapons you should get your hands on, head on over to our Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons Guide. We’ve also got a complete guide to romancing characters, all Remnant Puzzles solved, a look at where to find crafting materials, and an overview of AVP and Cryo Pods.

Fingers crossed you make some wise choices with those augs!

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