Madden 19 Ratings - Madden 19's Best Players, All Player Ratings

Here's our best Madden 19 Ratings, including the best Madden 19 players, the best offensive and defensive players, as well as the best overall team.

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The Madden 19 ratings are always fairly hotly contested each and every year, and it's no different with this iteration of EA's football sim. In this Madden 19 ratings guide, we'll be going over the single best Madden 19 players at every position on the on the field, so you know exactly which players you're going to want to get the ball to on offense, and which players are going to be a wrecking ball on defence.

But if you instead need a full beginner's guide to the latest iteration of the flagship football sim, you'll want to head over to our Madden 19 everything we know guide. It's on this page that you can find all the tips and tricks you need to master the core passing and running mechanics of the game, as well as detailing how you can begin building your Ultimate Team.

Madden 19 Ratings - Player Ratings

Just below, you can check out our individual Madden 19 player ratings guide. We've got guides detailing the single best team in Madden 19 (no rewards for guessing which team comes out on top), as well as guides on the various best offensive and defensive players, and guides on the best Madden 19 players at every skill position on the field.

As if often the case in Madden each year, speed is king. Many of the top players at their respective positions are often the quickest of the bunch, and it especially matters if the position is a wide receiver, running back, or cornerback. As for your quarterback, you always want to put throw power and accuracy over everything else, but it does help to have speed if you plan on taking off and running with your QB.

Remember that the 2018/19 NFL season is right around the corner from properly kicking off, and player ratings are going to change accordingly over the course of the entire season. As such, we'll be updating all our player ratings guide after each week in the NFL, whenever EA makes any changes to player ratings, based on real life performances.

Madden 19 Best Players

As with every iteration of Madden, everyone wants to know who the best players are in the entire game. Just below, we'll be compiling a list of the single best player at every skill position on the field:

  • QB: Tom Brady - The position of best QB in Madden 19 could honestly go to either Brady or Rodgers, but we'd given the edge to Brady, mainly due to his 99 short accuracy rating, 98 mid accuracy rating, and 99 play action rating.
  • FB: Kyle Juszyzyk - The 49ers fullback is the best in the league by a mile, with a 70 run block rating, a 69 impact block rating, and an 82 speed rating.
  • HB: Le'Veon Bell - With a 96 overall rating, Bell leads the running backs by a fair distance. He's got speed, trucking, and spin move ratings of 90, along with a juke move rating of 96, and a stiff arm rating of 92.
  • WR 1: Antonio Brown - Brown is a force to be reckoned with for any defensive player, boasting catch and catch in traffic ratings of 99, a spectacular catch rating of 98, and a release rating of 97.
  • WR 2: Julio Jones - Jones isn't far behind Brown, coming in with a catch rating of 96, and catch in traffic, spectacular catch, and release ratings of 98.
  • WR 3: Odell Beckham Jr. - The quickest of the receivers in this group with a speed rating of 94, Beckham is hard to keep up with. He also has the highest spectacular catch rating in Madden 19 with a rating of 99, so he makes for an excellent slot receiver.
  • TE: Rob Gronkowski - With the highest overall rating of 99, it's hard to fault Gronkowski. He's got catch and catch in traffic ratings of 96 and 97 respectively, and given his size you can nearly always throw the ball above Gronkowski for him to go up and get it.
  • LE: J.J. Watt - Anyone who's been watching the NFL for years now knows how dominating Watt can be. He's got tackling, block shed, and power move ratings of 92, along with a play recognition rating of 95.
  • DT 1: Damon Harrison - With a 95 impact block rating, a 96 block shed rating, and a 94 tackle rating, nothing is getting past Harrison up front.
  • DT 2: Fletcher Cox - Cox has the supreme power move rating of the defensive tackles in the game at 94, and he's also got 92 play recognition, 92 tackling, and 91 impact blocking to back it up.
  • RE: Aaron Donald - The LA Rams defensive end is the best player at this position by some way. Donald has a power move rating of 98, a finesse move rating of 92, a tackling rating of 93, and a play recognition rating of 99.
  • LOLB: Von Miller - The best player at the position by a whole 9 overall points, Miller can easily dominate the middle of the field. He has a play recognition rating of 99, block shed and finnesse move ratings of 95, a tackling rating of 94, and a power move rating of 90.
  • MLB 1: Luke Keuchly - There's a good reason why Keuchkly is the number one linebacker in the entire NFL. He's got a play recognition rating of 99, a tackling rating of 98, a hit power rating of 93, and a zone coverage rating of 90.
  • MLB 2: Bobby Wagner - Following not far behind Kuechly is the Seahawks linebacker. Wagner has a play recognition rating of 97, a tackling rating of 98, and a zone coverage rating of 89.
  • ROLB: Sean Lee - The veteran Cowboys linebacker leads this group, but only if he can stay healthy. Lee has a play recognition and tackling rating of 97, a man coverage rating of 72, and a zone coverage rating of 81.
  • CB 1: Jalen Ramsey - Ramsey is not only the best of this group, but also the quickest with a speed rating of 93. He also boasts a man coverage rating of 96, a play recognition rating of 97, and a press rating of 98.
  • CB 2: A.J. Bouye - The number 2 corner the Jaguars, Bouye makes for one hell of a partner for Ramsey. He has a man coverage and zone coverage rating of 95, a press rating of 93, and a play recognition rating of 96.
  • CB 3: Desmond Trufant - The cornerback for the Falcons has a 92 man coverage rating, a 92 zone coverage rating, a 95 press rating, and a 90 play recognition rating.
  • FS: Harrison Smith - The star of the Minnesota Vikings' defence is a force in the backfield. Smith has a 95 rating in zone coverage and a 96 rating in play recognition, meaning he's not easily fooled by anything.
  • SS: Eric Berry - With a man coverage rating of 91 and a zone coverage rating of 95, Berry can play either zone or man with great results.

This is the end of our Madden 19 guide to the best players and the best team available in the game right now, but there are plenty additional guides left to be read on the game. If you want a complete guide for everything you need to know about MUT, check out our Madden 19 Ultimate Team guide.

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