Madden 19 Training Guide - How to Earn MUT Training Quickly, How to Upgrade Players

Here's everything new to Madden 19's Ultimate Team mode this year, including new player upgrade systems, new MUT Squads features, and more.

Guide by Hirun Cryer, .

MUT Training is a brand new feature in this iteration of Madden's Ultimate Team mode, and you're going to be using this new form of currency to upgrade some of your existing players, boosting both their overall ratings and their individual attributes. In this MUT 19 Training guide, we'll be detailing how you can earn MUT 19 Training quickly, in order to boost the overall ratings of some of your lesser player cards, and give you MUT squad a shot in the arm.

If you instead need help with any other areas of this year’s iteration of Madden, you’ll want to head over to our Madden 19 guides hub. It’s here that you’ll find all you need to know about various changes to the running and passing mechanics that EA has made to the game this year, as well as a walkthrough of how to get started with modes like Franchise.

Madden 19 Training Guide

Remembering back to Madden 18, the only way you could upgrade players in last year’s game was completing sets, featuring multiple Team Tokens. This year, to upgrade a single player card, all you need is Training. Press X/Square while hovering over the chosen player card, then select ‘Upgrade’, which will bring you to the screen where you can spend Training to upgrade your player.

The vast majority of player cards in Madden 19 Ultimate Team can be upgraded with Training, but there are some types of cards which can be upgraded multiple times. Gold and Elite-type player cards can only be upgraded once with Training, to unlock a new Team Chemistry slot for them. However if you’ve got a Power Up-type player card, you can upgrade them multiple times using Training.

Your first upgrade using Training to a Power Up player like Leonard Fournette with upgrade their overall rating by 2. Next, you can spend more Training to unlock an additional Team Chemistry slot for them. After this, you can keep spending Training to upgrade Fournette’s overall level multiple times, with the required amount of Training for each successive upgrade getting bigger and bigger. We’re not sure if there’s a cap for upgrading the overall rating of Power Up cards in Madden 19 Ultimate Team, but the maximum rating for most cards we’ve seen is 92 overall.

How to Earn Training Quickly

As for how to earn Training so you can upgrade multiple players quickly to elite-level status, you’ve got a long slog ahead of you. Training is unfortunately a lot harder to come by than Team Tokens were in last year’s MUT. One way to earn Training is to quick sell any unwanted player cards you have, but it’s unfortunately only the rarer cards like Gold-level players that give you a lot of Training, although it’s still worth quick selling a bunch of unwanted Bronze or Silver cards.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to burn through Madden Ultimate Team packs to search for Training cards that you can quick sell to earn a small amount of the currency. It is possible to earn a small Training quick sell card through increasing your MUT Level, and if you want to increase your overall level as quickly as possible, we’d recommend burning through easy Solo Challenges, such as the Preseason Campaign Challenges, which rarely take more than than 5 minutes each to complete.

We might be all wrapped up with this Madden 19 Ultimate Team guide on Training for now, but we’ll be updating this guide if we discover any new exploits to earn the currency even quicker. For now though, head over to our MUT 19 Solo Battles guide, for a complete walkthrough of all the rewards you can earn by taking part in the new mode.

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