Skyrim Alduin's Wall Quest Guide - Complete Walkthrough, How to get the Clear Skies Shout

Skyrim Alduin's Wall Quest Guide - Complete Walkthrough, How to get the Clear Skies Shout

Here's a complete guide on how to complete the main Alduin's Wall quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Get the Clear Skies Shout needed to tackle The Throat of the World mountain path and get the Switch Zelda loot.

The Alduin's Wall quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has the Dragonborn meeting up with Esbern in Riverwood, where they meet another accomplice in their fight against Alduin. In this Skyrim Alduin's Wall quest guide, we'll be walking you through how to complete the quest as quickly as possible, pointing out key parts and hidden secrets within the quest that you should be aware of. You’ll need to complete this quest if you want to get the Zelda loot in Skyrim on Switch.

If you need anything else to do with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at all, including how to find every Standing Stone in the game, as well as how to beat some of the more difficult quests in the game and join powerful Guilds, head over to our Skyrim guides walkthrough hub.

Skyrim Alduin's Wall Quest Guide

To kick off the Alduin's Wall quest, you should journey to the quiet town of Riverwood that you first arrived at near the very beginning of Skyrim, and meet Esbern there. Head inside the Sleeping Giant Inn with him, and you'll meet up with Delphine in the secret hideout through the back left door of the inn. At this point, Delphine and Esbern will instruct the player to journey to Sky Haven Temple, which is also a part of Karthspire Camp.

You can either travel with Delphine or Esbern, or meet them just outside of Karthspire Camp, but either way you'll have to group up with them to take out all the bandits in the camp area. You'll have to kill all the Forsworn and the sole Hagraven in the area before you can proceed, and keep in mind that a Dragon can sometimes spawn in Karthspire Camp, only increasing the level of chaos in the vicinity.

Either way, you'll have to kill off everyone with the help of Delphine and Esbern, before heading inside the caverns. Unfortunately, you'll find even more Forsworn inside the ruins, before coming to your first puzzle. To solve the puzzle and get the bridge to lower, you'll have to change all three markers so that they display the Dragonborn symbol, as hinted at by Esbern.

When the party comes to the next puzzle involving pressure plates, you can once again bypass this by only stepping on the plates with the Dragonborn symbol on. This will be a problem if you have a follower, but you can stop them from stepping on any wrong plates by commanding them to 'wait' near the beginning of the puzzle section.

In the final, larger room before the actual temple itself, the Dragonborn will have to interact with the pressure plate to shed a few drops of blood, causing the entrance to the temple to fully open. Proceed into the temple, and allow both Delphine and Esbern to theorise about the return of the Dragons, before speaking to Esbern to receive the Dragonslayer's Blessing, which increases your critical hit rate against Dragons by 10% for a total of 5 days.

After you've spoken to Delphine, you can actually find a shortcut out of Sky Haven Temple by going up the staircase to either side of the temple, and out of the door at the back. Fast travel back to High Hrothgar, where the Greybeards have a special reward waiting for you.

Skyrim Clear Skies Shout

After having returned to the Greybeards atop High Hrothgar, they'll reward you with all three words of the Clear Skies shout, which can then be used to clear the path to the Throat of the World. Proceed up the path once cleared, and you'll come face to face with Parthunaax himself for the very first time in the game, as well as reaching the highest overall point on the Skyrim map.

This might be the conclusion of our Alduin's Wall quest guide, but make sure to keep an eye on USgamer, where we'll have additional Skyrim guides in the wake of the game being released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch.

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