Far Cry 5 Boomer the Dog - Boomer Location and Quest Guide - Boomer Skills

Far Cry 5 is a big game full of things to do. In this guide we'll detail how to recruit the dog, bear, and cat, how to earn money quickly, the best perks in Far Cry 5, Prepper Stash Locations, helicopters and planes, and how to fish. Also how to play Far Cry 5 Coop with friends, crafting, and weapon upgrades.

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Boomer the dog can be your canine buddy in Far Cry 5, but in order to get him as part of your team you're going to have to recruit him (in a way). In this Far Cry 5 Boomer dog guide we'll explain how to get Boomer in your roster of recruits and detail his special abilities while out in the field. As the game says, Boom is a "good boy".

If you're after anything about Far Cry 5 that isn't explicitly to do with getting Boomer as part of your team, head over to our Far Cry 5 guide hub. Over there you'll get info on getting various other specialists for your team, plus info on how to earn money and find Silver Bars.

How to get Boomer the Dog in Far Cry 5

If you're keen to recruit Boomer the dog to your team of specialists in Far Cry 5, the good news is that he's one of the easiest to get. Fist head northeast of Fall's End in John's region to the Pumpkin farm (which you can see on the map below).

When you arrive you'll need to take out all the cultists on the farm. This isn't an especially hard fight, so just blast them with whatever weapons you're carrying at the time. Once all the cultists have been dealt with you can search for Boomer the dog.

Head over the quest marker location and you'll find Boomer, injured and lying on the floor. The good news is that he can be revived like you revive any fallen teammate, so interact with him and he'll perk up. He'll immediately run off and find his owners, who have sadly been massacred by the cultists. Comfort Boomer with a pat on the head and he'll soon become your friend.

Far Cry 5 Boomer the Dog Skills

With Boomer recruited, he can now be assigned to one of your ally slots (one or two, depending on if you've unlocked the Leadership Perk). Boomer is decent in a fight and can take down enemies, but he also has the specific abilities we've listed below:

  • Pointer: Will tag all enemies nearby
  • Retriever: Will sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack

That's all the info you need on getting Boomer in Far Cry 5. If you want more specialists, check out our guides to getting Cheeseburger in Far Cry 5 and getting Peaches in Far Cry 5.

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