Far Cry 5 Silo Locations - How to Destroy Silos, Find all Far Cry 5 Silo Locations

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Silos are located all over John’s region of Far Cry 5, and you’re going to want to find and destroy as many as possible to loosen his tyrannical grip over the entire region, as well as earning yourself some Resistance Points in the process. In this Far Cry 5 Silos guide, we’ll be walking you through all the Silo locations that we’ve uncovered in the expansive region, as well as detailing the best ways to go about taking them down.

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Far Cry 5 Silo Locations

You can start the Light ‘Em Up side mission in Far Cry 5 for Kim, who tasks you with destroying all fourteen Silos throughout John’s region of the game, also known as Holland Valley. Since the Silos are fairly tall and marked by a large red cross, they’re visible from the air, meaning you can simply jump in a helicopter at Fall’s End, and rain down machine gun and rockets to destroy each and every one of them.

Just below, we’ll outline the location of all fourteen Silos throughout John’s region of Far Cry 5, as denoted by the cursor location on the map screen.

Gardenview Orchards:

You can find this Silo just south of Dutch’s Island. It's right on the upper banks of the river that flows directly through the center of the map of Far Cry 5.

Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm:

This Silo can be found just to the very north west of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, directly in the middle of some fields.

Strickland Farm:

This Silo can basically be found directly in the center of John’s region of Far Cry 5. It's straight south and slightly west from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Red’s Farm Supply:

You can find the Red’s Farm Silo directly north east from Fall’s End, just to the east of the small lake.

Kellet Cattle Co.:

This Silo can be found directly east of Rye & Son’s Aviation. Just head a little north of the river that bends around the very southern end of John’s region in Far Cry 5.

Hyde Barn:

Simple follow the road east from Fall’s End, and you can find this Silo on the stretch of land that the river bends around.

Sunrise Threshing:

Again, head east from Fall’s End, but this time head straight through the fields surrounding the location, and the Silo can be found on the road leading north from Sunrise Threshing.

Parker Laboratories:

Once again starting out from Fall’s End, simply head a short distance north west and you’ll find the Silo.

Davenport Farm:

This Silo can be found either north east from the Lamb of God Church, or north west from Fall’s End, just below the main road.

Bradbury Farm:

The Bradbury Farm Silo can be found right in between the Lamb of God Church, and the weird crop markings in the field just to the south east.

Bradbury Hay Field:

You can find the Bradbury Hay Field Silo either north west from Rye & Sons Aviation, or directly south west from the Lamb of God Church.

Flatiron Stockyards:

You’ll need to travel a fair way east from Fall’s End, until you’re at the very edges of John’s region, in order to find the Flatiron Stockyard Silo.

Holland Valley Station:

You’ll need to head pretty far south from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm to find this Silo, and it lies just north of a bridge going over a fork in the central river.

Seed Ranch:

Finally, the Seed Ranch Silo can be found in the very south west corner of John’s region, directly north of the Seed Ranch Cultist Outpost.

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