Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighter Locations - All Vietnam Lighter Map Locations in Far Cry 5

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Vietnam Lighters are a type of collectible that are scattered all across the wilds of Far Cry 5, meaning you’ll have to venture far and wide if you want to obtain every lighter. In this Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters guide, we’ll be walking you through the complete Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighter locations across the entire map, going all the way from the mountains in the north to the fields and churches in the south.

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Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters Guide

The Vietnam Lighters in Far Cry 5 are typically found in remote sections of the map, with four lighters being found in John, Jacob, and Faith’s regions of the map. You’ll have to venture to the very edges of the map to recover all 12 Vietnam Lighters, and we’ve broken down the guide just below into the three regions of the game.

John’s Vietnam Lighters - Lighter Locations

You can find the first Vietnam Lighter at the Fillmore Residence, which is located to the far east of Fall’s End, and just west of Dead Man’s River. Find the shed, and then open the hatch within to drop down into the bunker, where you’ll find a Vietnam Lighter and a Perk Magazine.

For the next Vietnam Lighter, head south west from the last location to the Miller Residence. Once here, head to the shed at the back of the house, and look to the left to see a hatch in the ground, that’ll let you drop down into the bunker and claim the lighter.

The next Vietnam Lighter will take you far to the north of John’s region, directly north of US Auto, and north east of Doverspike Compound. Check in the shed to the back of the property to find a hatch, that’ll let you drop into the bunker to claim the Vietnam Lighter and a Perk Magazine.

Finally, the fourth Vietnam Lighter can be found at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, where you’ll encounter and rescue Boomer the dog. Head to the south east corner of the compound, where you’ll find another bunker hatch that’ll lead you to the Vietnam Lighter.

Jacob’s Vietnam Lighters

The first Vietnam Lighter in Jacob’s region can be found just south west of Clagett Bay, at an unnamed location with a cabin, a dead body, and a large hatch in the ground. Open the double doors that make up the hatch, head underground, and you’ll find the Vietnam Lighter in the room on the left.

Next, you’ll want to journey into the west of Jacob’s territory, to the west of Wolf’s Den, to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center. No matter if you rescue the hostages or not, you can find the Vietnam Lighter located on a shelf in the largest building in the compound.

You’ll have to journey far to the north of Jacob’s territory for the next Vietnam Lighter, which can be found on the northern banks of Cedar Lake, near a tent with a few animal cages nearby.

The final Vietnam Lighter can be found at the Elliot Residence, which lies just to the south of the FANG Center, where you take on the quest to rescue Cheeseburger the bear.

Faith’s Vietnam Lighters

The first Vietnam Lighter in Faith’s region can be found just south east from Dutch’s Island at the McClean Residence. Search for the bunker doors with the blood trail in front of them, and head underground to recover the Vietnam Lighter.

Next, head just to the west of Peaches Taxidermy, and you’ll find the McCoy Cabin. Look for a hatch just a short distance from the main building, and you’ll find the Vietnam Lighter in the bunker.

Head either to the south of Angel’s Peak, or west of Moonflower Trailer Park, and you’ll find the peaceful Counselor’s Cabin. Check around the house for the bunker entrance on the outside, and you’ll find the Vietnam Lighter within.

Directly to the east of Hope County Jail, across a river, you’ll find the Abercrombie Residence. Search around the outside of the house, and you’ll come across the hatch leading to the bunker, where you can claim the final Vietnam Lighter.

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