Dreams Beginner's Guide - How to Get Started in Dreams

Dreams Beginner's Guide - How to Get Started in Dreams

This is our complete beginner's guide for Media Molecule's Dreams, which is in early access right now.

Dreams is available right now in early access form, before the full package launches at some point later this year. In our Dreams beginner's guide, we'll be walking you through the opening of Media Molecule's game, which gets you to grips with the motion controls, mechanics for your Imp, and various other features of the game.

Dreams Beginner's Guide

In the list of steps below, we'll be walking you through everything that goes on in the opening of Dreams.

  • First thing's first, pick your Imp! The Imp is your colorful cursor in Dreams, and it's this character that will accompany you through the game.
  • Select your Dreams Imp. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Media Molecule/Sony
  • Press the right trigger while hovering over certain objects with your Imp to possess them.
  • These can be objects like light bulbs, or vehicles that you can drive.
  • You can possess items, and sometimes move them. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Media Molecule/Sony
  • You can also possess the cone, which can then move around, providing your Imp with a functioning body.
  • While possessing an item like a light bulb, that can be turned on and off, you can press X to activate and deactivate the item.

Once you're through the tutorial section of Dreams, you're out into your hub area. Here, if you press Options on the DualShock 4 or Move controller, you'll have access to the main menu of the game, which is where things really open up. Below, we'll break down all the options available to you from this main menu in Dreams.

  • Homespace Editor - Here you can edit your very own hub area of Dreams, but there are limited options for customization here, as the game says it's still being worked on.
  • Dream Surfing - Here you can delve into other Dreams player's levels, taking a tour through stages and worlds that other players have built.
  • Dream Shaping - This is where you can create your very own Dreams level, or select an existing one to remix.
  • Community Jam - In this area, Media Molecule will set a topic or theme, and task creators with building levels around that theme. The theme is changed roughly every fortnight.
  • Your Profile - Here you can customize your Dreams experience, changing your settings so that other players can or can't see your PSN ID, as well as the appearance of your Imp.
The main Dreams menu. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Media Molecule/Sony

Movement and Basic Controls

As Dreams has a lot of functions to play around with, we've listed them here as a handy frame of reference for you. We've also split them into basic controls and those you'll be using when you're building your own creations, as there's some important differences between them and the same buttons can be used for multiple actions.

Left Analog StickMove Possessed Item
Right Analog StickControl Camera
CircleDepossess Object/Back
Controller Motion SensorMove your Imp Icon on the Screen
Options (Hold Down)Recenter Imp
OptionsMain Menu/Pause
R2Possess/Interact with Object (Using Imp)
SquareEnter Editor

Editing Objects and Shortcuts

The following are the controls you'll be using when editing either your Home Space, or your own creations while Dream Shaping.

SquareOpen/Close Menu
L1+CircleExit Editor
XSelect Menu Option
TriangleDelete Object
L2 (Hold)Rotate Object
R2 (Hold)Move Object (Press halfway to "Nudge" Object)
L1+R2Clone Object
D-Pad Up/DownResize Object
L1 (Hold)Strafe
R1 (Hold)Move camera relative to object
D-Pad Left/RightUndo/Redo

How to Change the Controls in Dreams

If you're having trouble with any of the controls in Dreams, there are several options in the preferences menu. Marked by the small ellipsis (...) in the top-right corner of the main menu. You'll be able to change control schemes, sensitivity and toggle options here.

With this, you're at the beginning of your journey in Dreams. From here you can delve into the worlds of other players around the globe, or starting building your own levels with just a few button presses.

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