World War Z Classes - Best Class, Levelling Up, Upgrading Skills

World War Z Classes - Best Class, Levelling Up, Upgrading Skills

The Class that you choose to run with in World War Z will seriously impact your playstyle. Let’s take a look at which one you should choose.

World War Z is out now, offering a competent Left4Dead-style shoot em up experience, with giant hordes of zombies to take down. It’s fairly basic in terms of character customization, though by having six different classes to choose from, there is some strategy to choosing which build to run with. Each class gives you different weapons, Perks, and Equipment, and you can switch it at any point before a game. To help you decide which World War Z Class is for you, we’ve put together this World War Z Classes Guide. We’ll list all of the classes in World War Z, what you get with each one, and also let you know what we think is the best class in World War Z.

World War Z Best Class

There are six different classes to choose from in World War Z, ranging from melee-focused affairs to explosive experts. There are different starting weapons to consider too, and the equipment you get to use is directly tied to your class. Here’s the best class in World War Z:

  • Slasher - For our money, the Slasher Class is easily the best in the game. It focuses on melee, though you’ll also get an SMG for run and gun situations. The reason it is so effective is that it comes with the Stun Gun. This can be used to take down Bull enemies, and electrify large groups of zombies. Also, with the Slice and Dice Perk, your teammates will also be more effective in melee combat, and if you purchase the right skills, you’ll also be able to take out more Zeds with each hit. Being able to melee swing over and over is a huge help, especially seeing as you can use the SMG to take out hordes if you find yourself in trouble.

World War Z Class List

To help you decide which class you want to go with, we’ve included all of the details on each in the table below. You’ll find which weapons come with each, as well as the Perks which will be active.

TierWeaponPerk 1Perk 2Perk 3Equipment
GunslingerCompact SMGSeek and Destroy My BadWar FaceFrag Grenade
HellraiserShotgunDemolition Squad HollywoodTechnicianC4
MedicCompact SMGTenacityFighting ChanceDoctor's BagStim Pistol
FixerScout RiflePlease Stand UpEfficiencyCorporate Power NapSupply Bag
SlasherCompact SMGSlice and DiceExecutioner 1Blade MasterStun Gun
ExterminatorShotgunBandolierHollywood IIDaredevilMolotov

Upgrading Your Skills in World War Z

If you head into the Customization menu before a match, you’ll see that you can customize your classes. This is done by spending coins on new Skills. You can unlock as many Skills as you like, and they will stack as you unlock more. In our experience, it is best to purchase Skills over weapon upgrades first, as they will be much more beneficial in helping you stay alive at higher difficulties.

Levelling Up Fast in World War Z

If you want to level up your Classes fast in World War Z, there are a number of things you should be doing while playing. We’ve included these tips below:

  • Play at higher difficulties, you’ll get more XP.
  • If you see a manual turret, jump on it, you’ll easily rack up XP by taking on hordes.
  • Be the first to take down screamers, Bulls, and Lurkers, they grant more XP.
  • Try not to die, you’ll miss out on XP.
  • Heal your teammates.
  • Use your Equipment as often as you can, you’ll get more kills.

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