The Best Games of 2017

All the best games released across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2017. You could say these are the best games of 2017.

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2017 has been a great year for video games. Not only has it seen numerous high-profile releases, but it’s also seen the release of the Nintendo Switch (which brought with it some brilliant games). On this guide to the best games of 2017, you’ll find curated lists of the Best PC Games of 2017, Best PS4 Games of 2017, Best Xbox One Games of 2017, and Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017.

  • Best PC Games of 2017
  • The PC is home to a wide variety of games, covering all genres. You can find out what is represetned as the best of the year in this list of the best PC games of 2017.

  • Best PS4 Games of 2017
  • We all love a good console war, don't we? Well, if you do you're likely going to be on the PS4's side as it's currently doing considerably better than the Xbox One. Check out the best games of the year in this best PS4 games of 2017 list.

  • Best Xbox One Games of 2017
  • Poor Xbox One. While it's far from a terrible console, numerous issues have meant it's languishing some way behind the PS4 in terms of sales and console exclusives. See what games it does have in this list of the best Xbox One games of 2017.

  • Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017
  • Everyone loves the Switch. Nintendo always does something a little different, so even if Switch doesn't get many of the big third-party games, at least it'll have a large selection of Nintendo exclusives.

Keep checking back as we’ll be updating these lists of the best games of 2017 as the year progresses and more great games are released.

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