Best PS4 Games of 2017

Best PS4 Games of 2017

All the best games released across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2017. You could say these are the best games of 2017.

The PS4 continues to be the sales leader of this console generation, so it’s not surprising to see it being home to loads of great games in 2017. Here are the very best PS4 games of 2017, as rated by us, USGamer.

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Best PS4 Games of 2017

MLB The Show 17 (Sony)

Baseball sims aren’t as common as they used to be, but at least Sony makes a great one for the PS4. MLB The Show 2017 is one of the best PS4 games of 2017.

“At first blush, MLB The Show 17 is more of the same; but when taken together, it's actually a great update,” we said in our review. “It brings with it a lot of small but much-needed tweaks to the play on the field, and the graphics have never looked so good. Even better, Franchise mode actually feels approachable now. It leaves some opportunities on the table, but MLB The Show is still a great baseball sim that feels that much better with this year's update.”

Persona 5 (Atlus)

It would have been a shock had Persona 5 disappointed, but few could have predicted just how good this JRPG would turn out to be.

“With the most bewitching tale the series has ever told and an incredibly likable cast that rises above their typical archetypes, Persona 5 sings a song of rebellion. Not just against the norm of JRPGs, but of society's oppressive grasp, inspiring its players to rise up as the Phantom Thieves would,” we said rather grandly in our review. “In the end, in spite of its minor missteps, Persona 5 has the power to steal the hearts of longterm fans of the series and newcomers alike.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands (Ubisoft)

Ubisoft produced another hit in the shape of Ghost Recon Wildlands, showing once again that it knows how to put together cooperative online shooters.

“Don't go in expecting perfection, but if you're into shooting, sneaking, and driving, Ghost Recon Wildlands is a lot of fun,” we said in our review.

Nier: Automata (Square Enix)

This one has to hurt for Xbox One owners. Nier: Automata is hands down one of the best and most original games released this generation, and easily one of the best PS4 games of 2017. It’s only available on PS4 and PC.

“There's nothing else around like Nier: Automata (except for maybe its predecessor),” we said in our review. “And in an industry that sometimes leans too heavily on sameness, it's wholly refreshing.”

For Honor (Ubisoft)

Another Ubisoft game that’s multiplayer focused, For Honor showed that fighting games don’t all have to be one on one Street Fighter style.

“Mastering For Honor's complex, but brilliant Art of Battle control system takes time and effort, but doing so is very worthwhile.”

Nioh (Koei Tecmo)

After taking the much loved Ninja Gaiden franchise and turning it into a laughing stock, Koei Tecmo is clawing a reputation back, in part due to to titles like Nioh. If you're into hardcore action games, Nioh is one of the best PS4 games of 2017.

“Nioh is Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja taking a more measured approach to what they do best, and is a surprisingly feature-heavy and battle-focused heir to the Soulsborne method,” we said in our review. “But it ultimately stands on its own, and is a worthy addition to any Action RPG library.”

Hitman Season One (IO Interactive)

Hitman thrived under IO’s episodic formula, and now the franchise is entirely in the developer’s hands (with IO splitting from Square Enix), the future looks good.

“IO Interactive brings the Hitman series back in grand style,” we said in our review. “Not every level is Season 1 is amazing, but at it's best, Hitman contains some stunning settings, amazingly detailed level designs, and a vast number of ways to kill your target.”

Resident Evil 7 (Capcom)

Resident Evil 7 has always felt like a PlayStation franchise despite its games releasing across plenty of platforms. Resident Evil 7 was no different, with the superb VR mode being exclusive to PlayStation VR.

“It's a bit on the short side and the latter chunk of the game is rather linear, but Resident Evil 7 absolutely recaptures the feeling of survival horror established in the first game,” we said in our review.

Gravity Rush 2 (Sony)

Sony doesn’t seem keen to release exclusive titles near the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not pumping out some top quality games you can only play on PS4. Gravity Rush 2 is one of those games and is one of the best PS4 games of 2017.

“Gravity Rush 2 is a real treat for the eyes, ears, and reflexes,” we said in our review. “Its cinematic looks and score are wonderful, and its storyline is enthralling and thoroughly compelling. All combine brilliantly with the addictive and entertaining mission-based action to create a terrific game that's an absolute joy to play.”

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (Square Enix)

After a ropey start it’s hard to believe that for many players Final Fantasy XIV is now considered the best Final Fantasy since the start of the millennium.

“There are some stumbles here, but when Stormblood is on, there's an excellent adventure, great characters, and some awesome enemy encounters,” we said in our review. “Stormblood is the ongoing foundation of something magical for MMO and Final Fantasy fans alike.”

Tekken 7 (Bandai Namco)

Tekken 7 might not be as feature-packed as Injustice 2, but it’s still a damn good fighting game.

“Tekken 7 is a fantastic fighting game when taken on its sheer fundamentals,” we said in our review. “People who are already well-versed in the genre will find a lot to chew on here: nuanced gameplay mechanics to learn, lots of characters to try out, and lots of neat cosmetic upgrades and historical extras to unlock.”

Injustice 2 (Warner Bros.)

Part excellent fighting game, part amazing love letter to DC fans, Injustice 2 delivered the goods and then some. A new bar has been set for single-player fighting games.

“The first Injustice was a well-done fighting game, but it's completely outclassed by its sequel,” we said in our review. “NetherRealm Studios offers up a love letter to the DC Universe and fighting game fans.”

Prey (Bethesda)

Prey had a rather mixed time with critics, but we liked it very much, making it one of the best PS4 games of 2017.

“Prey is a collection of past influences - a bit of System Shock here, some Bioshock there, a bit of Dead Space - but the whole is something we don't get very much these days,” we said in our review.

What Remains of Edith Finch (Giant Sparrow)

Indie games don’t come much more lauded than Giant Sparrow’s What Remains of Edith Finch. This is a game that does things only games are really capable of.

“By the end of What Remains of Edith Finch, I felt close to the Finch family. I felt close in a way that only games could articulate with their unique interactive language,” we said in our review.

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