God of War Valkyrie Queen Guide - How to Unlock and Defeat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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The Valkyrie Queen is one of the best endgame goals that God of War offers players, pitting them against eight successive tough boss battles in order to make it to Sigrun, the true final boss of the gauntlet. In this God of War Valkyrie Queen guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat the Valkyrie Queen, as well as all the steps you need to take in order to actually unlock this final boss battle.

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God of War Valkyrie Queen

The Valkyrie Queen might be arguably the single toughest boss character in all of God of War, but it’s a journey in itself just to unlock the climactic boss battle. Unfortunately for both Kratos and Atreus, you’ll need to defeat the eight other Valkyrie bosses scattered throughout the entire course of the map, which is an incredibly tough ask, even on the easiest difficult that the game has to offer. For a full walkthrough of the location of every Valkyrie in the game, head over to our God of War Valkyrie guide.

But for the Valkyrie Queen herself, you’ll need to journey to the Council of Valkyries location, which you can find just to the north east of the Lake of Nine in the dead center of Midgard. You need to dock your boat on the left side of the entrance to the Mason’s Channel area (marked by Kratos' location on the map above), and scale your way up the cliff’s, using Atreus’ shock arrows to get rid of any pesky sap orbs that happen to be blocking your path.

Once you’ve arrived at the circle of seats at the Council of Valkyries, you’ll need to have Kratos place all eight heads of the Valkyries in their respective seats. After you’ve done this, you’ll see a black orb in the middle of the arena. Steel yourself before using this, because it’s time for the toughest boss battle that God of War has to offer.

God of War Sigrun Valkyrie Queen Boss Battle Guide

If you’re not incredible at parrying enemy attacks using Kratos’ shield in God of War, then we’ve got bad news for you, as the boss battle against Sigrun can be nearly impossible if you’re bad at parrying attacks. For the uninitiated, if you press the left bumper to block an enemy attack at the very last second, you’ll successfully parry the attack, allowing Kratos to temporarily knock back his enemy and lay into them with a few quick attacks.

Outside of learning how to parry, you’re also going to want to switch between both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos for this boss battle against the Valkyrie Queen. While the Leviathan Axe is excellent at taking off chunks of health after you’ve parried the boss, you’ll need the Blades of Chaos to lash out with some range while the boss is moving around freely, since being drawn in can be fatal in this fight.

We should also note that Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen has one particularly ranged attack, which can easily catch Kratos out if you’re not careful. When the boss if far away from Kratos, she’ll often send a load of ice projectiles at you, which you can actually easily block by simply raising your shield and absorbing the attacks head on.

When the Valkyrie Queen launches herself into the air, you’re nearly always guaranteed to be caught under her in the ensuing attack. If she does happen to slam down upon Kratos, you’ll have to rapidly tap circle to escape from underneath her as quickly as possible, or else you could lose a lot of health very quickly, which is the last thing you want in this boss fight.

You’ll notice throughout the fight that Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen actually has a lot of the same attack patterns as the Valkyries that you’ve already fought over the course of God of War. She has the ability to rise up into the air and send spinning projectiles in your direction, as well as swooping down in a straight line, slamming Kratos into the ground if he’s caught in her path. While these aren’t exactly simple attack to avoid, it does help considering that you’ve fought eight Valkyries with these attacks up to this point.

Once the battle is eventually over, and Kratos and Atreus have had their brief conversation with the spirit of the Valkyrie Queen, you’ll be rewarded with the epic Sigrun’s Helmet, over 5,000 XP, an Epic Enchantment, some Perfect Svartalheim Steel, an Epic Axe Pommel, and the ‘Chooser of the Slain’ trophy for your efforts.

We might be all done with this God of War Valkyrie Queen boss guide, but there’s plenty more to tackle in this expansive game. Head over to our God of War Muspelheim Cipher Pieces guide for information on how to unlock a new realm, or our God of War Dragon locations guide for how to find all three captured Dragons.

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    I think the stranger is loki since he mentions his brother and that odin sent him
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    Thanks for the help with the walk through, I only used it when I was in a pinch. Since this is my first time playing the GOW franchise, I hope get everything in the game.
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    When fighting Matturg Helson aka Bridge Keeper
    The last part where is says
    (The final thing you need to be wary of when taking on the Bridge Keeper is the minions that he can summon onto the battlefield, all of which you’ve previously fought on your journey through Helheim so far. We’d recommend taking these minions out as soon as possible, as they can be a nuisance if you instead turn your back on them and focus purely on the Bridge Keeper instead.)

    Does not work on (Give Me God Of War) he well continue to summon as soon as you kill the minions maybe on a lower difficulty you can kill the them fast enough but not on Give me god of war. When he summon them ignore them and run to him and light attack him to get him to start teleporting his attack well hit the minions and kill them in one or two hits and when his last attack aim and press R2 to do heavy attack two or three time then doge back but keep a eye on themEdited April 2018 by Daraix
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    Surprise, surprise, the valkyries are mostly in Chambers of Odin! Maybe you could actually SHOW us where they are instead of saying vague areas as though that'll help any?
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    @davidbenavent31 The game marks every Valkyrie location on your map after you complete the main story.
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    I'm stuck and cannot unlock nor free this damn dragon.. I beat the original story and all the valkyries except the queen.. I wanna free reginn but when I hit the area he is in.. hes draped over this mountain
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