Fortnite High Stakes Challenges Guide - How to Complete All High Stakes Challenges and get the Crowbar Pickaxe

The High Stakes Challenges have just launched in Fortnite Battle Royale, and you can earn the new Crowbar Pickaxe through completing all three.

There's not much time to get all three Fortnite High Stakes Challenges completed, as the event could be drawing to a close any day now. In this Fortnite High Stakes Challenges guide, we'll be walking you through how to complete the three challenges that arrived in the game alongside the Fortnite Getaway mode, as well as revealing how you can unlock the elite Fortnite Crowbar Pickaxe.

We might be in the middle of Fortnite Season 5 at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that the next seasonal event of the game isn’t on the way. For a potential launch date for the next event in Battle Royale, as well as a breakdown of how much the Battle Pass should cost at launch, head over to our Fortnite Season 6 guide.

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges

We mentioned that the Fortnite High Stakes Challenges launched in Battle Royale earlier this month, and they arrived in September 6 through v5.40. This new patch for the game introduced the Getaway Limited Time Mode, which plays a big role in these three new challenges. Just below, you can check out a complete breakdown of the three High Stakes Challenges, and how to complete each one.

Play Matches of The Getaway

Simple, all you need to do is play The Getaway mode ten times, and you’ll bag yourself 5,000 bonus XP. The Getaway is a mode where teams of four compete against one another to claim a Jewel from a safe. They then have to carry this Jewel to the designated escape point via Battle Bus on the Fortnite map. There are more teams than there are Jewels, so it’s the team that works together who will ultimately emerge victorious in The Getaway.

Deal Damage to Jewel Carrying Opponents

If you can deal 500 total damage to any opponent who is carrying a Jewel while playing The Getaway, you’ll earn yourself a brand new Getaway-themed spray. Keep in mind that you can deal these 500 points of damage across as many games of The Getaway as necessary in Fortnite, so there’s no rush to complete this challenge in a single game.

Pick up a Jewel in Different Matches of The Getaway

This challenge could prove problematic, as there’s only one Jewel to be carried by four potential teammates. Make sure not to resort to infighting in an attempt to complete this High Stakes Challenge, and you can take as many games of The Getaway as you need to accomplish this objective.

Once you’ve completed all three of these challenges, you’ll bag yourself the new Crowbar Pickaxe, which is yours to keep. This isn’t unlike the Birthday event in Fortnite from earlier this year, which rewarded you with a unique Birthday-themed Back Bling if you completed all three challenges for the event.

We might be all done with this particular Fortnite Battle Royale guide, but there’s plenty to cover on the game just yet. Head over to our Fortnite Week 9 Challenges guide, which will be going live very shortly.

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