Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Locations - Where are the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces?

Here's your complete list of the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations, as part of the Week 10 Challenges slate.

'Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces' is one of the seven total Fornite Week 10 Challenges that are live right now, and mark the final week of Battle Royale Season 5. In this Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces guide, we'll be walking you through the complete list of the various Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations, so you can have this one challenge completed as easily as possible.

Now that we're into the final week of Fortnite Season 5, and it’s now time to start looking ahead to what the next seasonal event for Battle Royale could hold. For everything you need to know about the next seasonal event to hit Battle Royale, make sure to head over to our Fortnite Season 6 guide.

Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Locations

The Fortnite Week 10 Challenges have only just launched for Battle Royale players worldwide. If you want a complete walkthrough of how to accomplish the six additional challenges for the week however, you’ll want to check out our Fortnite Week 10 Challenges guide.

Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Locations in Basements

Just below, you can see our map of the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations in Battle Royale. These are the locations of all the basements in Battle Royale, where you're guaranteed to find Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces.

Fortnite Jigsaw Pieces Locations Map

For an example of knowing a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece when you see when, check out the example just below, in the basement just south of Greasy Grove.

Now that we’re all done with this Fortnite guide to completing one of the seven total Week 10 Challenges, you can head over to any of our additional guides for the week. Check out our Fortnite Salty Springs chests guide, for a complete list of the various chests scattered around the area.

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