Fortnite Time Trials Locations - Week 6 Challenge

Here's how to 'Complete timed trials' in Fortnite Battle Royale, as part of the Fortnite Week 6 Challenges.

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'Complete Timed Trials' is one of the tasks you're going to have to undertake if you want to successfully complete all seven of the Fortnite Week 9 Challenges. In this Fortnite Timed Trials guide, we'll be walking you through the complete list of Fortnite Timed Trial locations, so you can complete all the trials as easily as possible.

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Fortnite Time Trials Locations

We originally suspected that the Fortnite Timed Trials would take place on the race track located in the northern section of the desert, but this was proven to be wrong when the challenges went live. Instead, you need to find and locate different stop watches scattered all over the Battle Royale map.

Once you've found an actual stop watch, you'll need to claim it by holding down X/Square, and then race straight ahead to the additional stop watch that it spawns, which is some way off. Just below, you can see a full list of the stopwatch timed trial locations.

Fortnite Time Trial Locations Map

Be warned, that once you've claimed the first stopwatch, the second one will spawn a deceptively long way away. To reach this second stopwatch, you'll nearly always need to build your way to it. Don't attempt to take an ATK to make your journey easier, as this will only end up complicating matters when you're attempting to traverse to the final stopwatch.

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