Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs: The Secrets Hidden In Insomniac's Game

In Spider Man PS4, Manhattan is full of nods to other superheroes, Marvel movies, comics and TV shows. Here's the coolest Easter Eggs we've found so far.

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Spider Man PS4 tells an original spidey story, focusing on an older Peter Parker than we’re used to seeing in games and movies. And while it definitely establishes its own universe (though it is a universe that is set to become part of comics canon very soon), it does tip its cap to a ton of comics, movies and other spidey lore. We’ve seen pretty much everything Spider Man PS4 has to offer, and have uncovered a lot of Easter Eggs, secrets and nods to other Spider Man media, and superheroes in general. We’ve pulled them together into this Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs List, bringing you the coolest Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs we’ve found so far.

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Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs

SPOILER WARNING: Before we go any further, we’d like to warn you that this Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs guide contains spoilers for spider Man PS4. We’ve kept some secrets...secret, and will be adding them in once everyone has spent more time with the game. Still though, if you’re planning on going in fresh, then you might want to check back once you’ve spent some time with the game.

Inhumans Easter Egg

One of the coolest Easter Eggs we’ve found in Spider Man PS4 is the giant, gold Lockjaw statue located in the Financial District. It’s an awesome sight to behold, and really helps build out the world that Insomniac has created. In Spider Man PS4, the Inhumans exist, and have visited Earth. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Avengers Tower Easter Egg

Next we have what is, without a doubt, the most obvious Easter Egg in Spider Man PS4 (it’s literally one of the tallest buildings in the game): Avengers Tower. Spider Man openly references The Avengers multiple times, and the inclusion of The Avengers Tower is another nice piece of world building. You’re not going to see Thor hanging around New York in your adventures, but it’s neat to know that the team does exist in the world.

Black Panther Easter Egg

while swinging around Manhattan, Spider Man will often have little conversations with himself. In one of these little chats, Peter namedrops King T’Challa himself. The Wakandan Embassy can also be spotted while swinging around.

Stan Lee Cameo Easter Egg

Stan Lee is famous for starring in many Marvel projects, usually offering bitesized cameos. Well, Spider Man PS4 is no exception, as Stan Lee stars as Mick, the owner of the restaurant that Peter and MJ go to at the start of the game.

Twitter Feed Easter Egg

Head into your main menu and you'll find Spider Man's own personal Twitter feed. It is updated regularly, and references activities that you've done recently in the game. Jonah Jameson also pops in sometimes to hassle you, as does his son JJ Jr.

Batman Easter Egg

While I’m sure you won’t be too surprised to hear that Batman doesn’t show up in the game, Spider Man does make a passing comment regarding the Bat Signal. One of his trademark quips sees Spider Man remarking how useful a Spidey-signal, shone into the sky would be. He quickly interjects with “nah, we don’t want to get sued” - a clear nod to Batman. You can chalk this up to a silly bit of fourth-wall breaking by the developer, rather than a confirmation that Spider Man is aware of Batman’s existence.

Spider Man Clone Saga Easter Egg

One of the most iconic comic book runs in Spider Man history is the Clone Saga. It ran between 1994 and 1996, and saw Peter Parker being cloned, and as you’d expect, all manner of chaos ensued. In Spider Man PS4, Peter makes a clear reference to the Clone Saga, saying “I’ve got crime up the wazoo, wish I could clone myself”.

Daredevil in Spider Man PS4 Easter Egg

Daredevil also exists in the Spider Man PS4 universe. You can visit the Nelson and Murdock law office (though it’s closed down), and Spider Man actually has a business card in one of his backpacks. If you select the business card in the Backpack menu, Peter will tell a story about being given the card by a blind man, “in case Spider Man ever needed a lawyer”. The cool part is when Peter realises that a regular blind man wouldn’t know he was Spider Man...spooky.

Fogwell's Gym Easter Egg

Speaking of daredevil, you can visit Fogwell's Gym in the game, the one that Matt Murdock's Dad trained.

Spider Man 2 Train Scene Easter Egg

During one of the main story missions, Spider Man must stop a train. He shouts out "not again!", a reference to the iconic train-stopping scene in Spider Man 2.

Alias Investigations Easter Egg

One of the landmarks you can find in Hell's Kitchen is Alias investigations, which is the office of Jessica Jones.

Damage Control Building Easter Egg

Damage Control are basically the clean-up guys in the Marvel universe. They move in after big superhero battles to salvage the area, so I’m sure they have their hands full with Spider Man crashing helicopters into the streets of Manhattan.

Spider Man Rogues Gallery Easter Egg

We join Peter Parker eight years into his time as Spider Man in Spider Man PS4. As such, he’s already gone up against a bunch of his iconic rogues gallery. This includes Mysterio, The Lizard, Sandman and more. Most of the references to these fights can be found by collecting the backpacks found in the city.

Under-arm Webbing Easter Egg

Some of the most iconic Spider Man designs feature under-arm webbing. It’s even used briefly in Spider Man Homecoming, where Peter can glide using the makeshift wings. You can find some of the “arm webs” in the collectibles menu. Peter remarks that he “never could quite get them to work”.

Iron Fist Easter Egg

It seems that two parts of the Defenders exist in Spider Man PS4’s rendition of Manhattan. You can find the Rand Corporation building while swinging around, a nod to Iron Fist, the martial arts expert/superhero.

Morbius Easter Egg

While fighting to contain the Devils Breath attack, you'll run into a man named Dr. Morgan Michaels. This is the alias of Morbius the Living Vampire in the comics, spooky.

That’s all of the Spider Man PS4 Easter Eggs we’ve got for you right now. We’ll be adding more in as we find them, and including some of the more spoiler-heavy ones once people have been given the chance to spend some time with the game. For more on Spider Man PS4, why not check our article on the time we managed to get to the Statue of Liberty in Spider Man PS4, albeit in a very glitchy manner.

Spider Man 2 Balloon Boy

There's an awesome nod to the infamous Balloon Missions in Spider Man 2 to be found in one of Peter's backpack collectibles. There's a child' drawing that Spider Man got for saving his balloon.

Eddie Brock

Yup, Eddie Brock is in Spider Man Ps4, and can be found by collecting one of Peter's missing backpacks. You'll want to look for a leaving card that the Daily Bugle gave to Peter, signed by many of the people he worked with. One signature that stands out is Eddie Brock.

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    There is also a reference to the classic Hostess Fruit Pie ads from the 70s/80s. During a fight with the Demons, Spidey asks if all this couldn’t be settled with some fruit pies. In the ads, any villain or trouble could be overcome with Hostess products.

    Also, the Spidey signal is not a reference to Batman, but the flashlight that Spidey would shine on criminals before dropping in for a fight. Another 70s era reference.
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