Battlefield 5 Final Stand Guide - Tips, How to Win

Battlefield 5 Final Stand Guide - Tips, How to Win

Here's our complete Battlefield 5 guide, featuring tips and tricks, best weapons, best classes, building tips, and more.

Final Stand is the mode that can occur at the very end of Grand Operations in Battlefield 5, but only comes about through certain ways. In this Battlefield 5 Final Stand guide, we'll be putting together all the details you need to know about the brand new mode, including a full range of Battlefield 5 Final Stand tips.

If you instead need anything else on DICE’s latest entry in the Battlefield franchise, you’ll want to head over to our Battlefield 5 guides hub. On this page you can find essential information, key tips and tricks, and much more.

Battlefield 5 Final Stand Mode

As we mentioned previously, you’re never actually guaranteed to see the Final Stand mode in Battlefield 5. It only occurs as the fourth and final day of the Grand Operations mode, but only if there’s no clear winning team from the three previous days. For a more detailed explanation of the huge new mode, head over to our Battlefield 5 Grand Operations guide.

How to Win Final Stand in Battlefield 5

But for Final Stand itself, you can think of it as a more brutal version of team deathmatch. All players from both teams spawn into the game in their respective spawn zones at the beginning of Final Stand, and you have zero tickets (or respawns) available, for either side.

This means Medics are the MVPs of Final Stand. Since there’s absolutely no chance to respawn back into the game if you’re down and out, you’re going to need a Medic in the general vicinity of all your team members, since you probably don’t want to rely on your squad to pick you up if you get downed.

From here, it’s a fight to be the last team standing, hence the name. However there’s a twist on this, as a circle around the map is constantly closing in, forcing the two teams together. Therefore, you can’t simply barricade yourself into a stronghold, and force the other team to come to you, since Final Stand would go on forever.

Since you’ve got to be quick on your feet to avoid the encroaching circle, which will drain your health should you be caught outside of it, we’d recommend going with quick, rapid firing weapons. You’re inevitably going to end up in close proximity to the opposing team, and you won’t want to be left with nothing more than a sniper rifle in a situation like this.

Battlefield 5 Final Stand Tips

  • Protect. Your. Medics.
  • On the same note, always try and revive your squad mates, especially when there isn't a medic around.
  • Because of the impending circle, snipers aren't such a good choice for Final Stand.
  • Try to push into the middle of the map as soon as possible when Final Stand begins, to get an edge over your opponent and push them back into the circle.

The last team standing wins it all, emerging victorious from the whole Grand Operation. Now that we’re done with this guide to the Final Stand mode, you can check out our additional guides on DICE’s latest game, including our best Battlefield 5 weapons guide, or our Battlefield 5 Conquest mode guide for more.

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