Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Guide - Tips, How to Win Final Stand

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Guide - Tips, How to Win Final Stand

Here's our complete Battlefield 5 guide, featuring tips and tricks, best weapons, best classes, building tips, and more.

While Operations were a featured mode back in Battlefield 1, they've returned in Battlefield 5 in the form of Grand Operations, and they're bigger than ever before. In this Battlefield 5 Grand Operations guide, we'll be explaining the vast mode in full, including a full range of Battlefield 5 Grand Operations tips, so you can give your team the best chance possible of claiming victory.

If you instead need any additional help with DICE’s new game, you’ll want to head over to our Battlefield 5 guides hub. Here you can find tips and tricks, essential info, and much more.

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations

Remember Operations in Battlefield 1, which was spread across multiple individual matches? Well it’s now called Grand Operations in Battlefield 5 as we mentioned previously, and can run on for four possible matches in order for a winning side to be determined.

Grand Operations Day One

In Battlefield 5, Grand Operations starts with two sides: One attacking, and one defending team. The attacking team is tasked with planting bombs at four total points on the map, which the defending team is trying to prevent them from doing. Should the attacking team destroy all four objectives within the time limit, they’ll get a bonus for the next match, but should they fail, there’ll be no bonus for either side, and you’ll move onto the ‘second day’ of the Grand Operation.

Grand Operations Day Two

Day two of the Grand Operation comes next. If the attacking team managed to destroy all four objectives in the previous match, they’ll get a bonus here, like increased respawn numbers, for example. Either Conquest or Frontlines will be the mode for day two of Grand Operations. The first of these Conquest, is capture the flag mode, and for a full walkthrough of how to dominate this mode, head over to our Battlefield 5 Conquest guide.

Grand Operations Day Three

Day three follows next in Grand Operations, and if you played Conquest as the mode for day two, you’ll play Frontlines here, and vice versa. There are no bonuses awarded from the result of day two, so you’re free to play Frontlines unaffected by the outcome of the previous day.

Grand Operations Final Stand

The fourth the final day of Grand Operations uses the ‘Final Stand’ mode, but isn’t guaranteed to take place. You’ll only make it to day four unless there’s no clear winner from the previous three days. For example, if there’s a 2 to 1 advantage for one team, but the scores from each mode were incredibly close, then you’ll be taken to the Final Stand for a showdown.

Final Stand is a tough mode. The set up is simple: it’s team deathmatch, but with no respawns for either team. If you make it to the Final Stand of a Grand Operation, then the winner of this day wins the entire mode. For a full walkthrough of this brutal final day, head over to our Battlefield 5 Final Stand guide.

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Tips

  • Medics are invaluable in all modes in Grand Operations.
  • You're going to be in plenty of close quarter fights in all modes, so forget sniping.
  • Getting on an anti air cannon and shooting down the respawn planes of the attacking team is always great to cut down the enemy tickets.
  • With Airborne, it's sometimes worth grouping up and attacking each objective one by one.

Now that we're all done with this Battlefield 5 guide, you can check out our additional coverage of DICE's game here at USgamer. Head over to our Battlefield 5 best guns guide, where we rank the top weapons for each class in the game.

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