Hitman 2 Tips - Locations, Controls, Legacy Pack

Hitman 2 Tips - Locations, Controls, Legacy Pack

Agent 47 is back and ready to garrote, shoot, and sneak his way around five huge new levels. From tips to detailed level breakdowns and walkthroughs, here’s our Hitman 2 Guide.

Hitman 2 brings Agent 47 back for another season of over-the-top glory kills and gadget-filled espionage. There are five new levels to play through, each set in a unique location. Given just how many ways there are to kill your enemies, we’ve been busy putting together a guide on the best ways to do so. In this Hitman 2 Guide, we’ll collect all of our Hitman 2 Guides content in one handy list. We’ll be providing detailed breakdowns of each location, and walking you through how to finish all of the Mission Stories. We’ll also include some info on the controls, and provide some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind while you’re out in the field.

We’ll be adding more and more info and guides to this page as we get further in the game. Be sure to check back for more tips. If there’s anything you’re stuck with in Hitman 2, feel free to stick a comment below.

Hitman 2 Guides

Hitman 2 Tips

Hitman 2 can be a tricky game to master, so going in with some key info is incredibly helpful when starting out. From making the most of your planning, to taking out cameras, there are a number of helpful strategies to ensure you score higher with each level. We’ve listed our essential Hitman 2 Tips below:

  • Save Often - this might be the most important piece of advice of the bunch. And while there are some players who prefer to forgo save states and play more hardcore, many will fall back on save states just in case things go awry. Hitman 2’s autosave features are not the best, so you’ll want to save often and before key moves.
  • Security Cameras - If you see a security camera, shoot it down. Getting spotted will really bring down your score, and if you’re trespassing without a disguise, you’re really out of luck. If you hold R1, you’ll be able to see the field of a camera’s vision. Use this to get by if you don’t have your trusty silenced pistol to hand.
  • Take Your Time - the first thing you should be doing when loading into a new area is scouting and exploring. Walk around the whole map, note exit points and mission starts. You get bonus XP for discovering locations for a reason, learn the map before moving in for the kill.
  • You Can Still Be Detected in Foliage - one of Hitman 2’s main differences is that there is a lot of foliage for the player to hide in. And while you won’t be detected if you’re hidden, moving quickly will mean you’ll be heard. You won’t be found, but any nearby characters will turn to face you.
  • Carry a Lockpick - the Lockpick is arguably the most useful tool in your arsenal. You can cut through shortcuts, open containers, and break into buildings.
  • Pack Light - you might be tempted to head into the field with a concealed weapon, but this is not always the best tact. You won’t be able to get through security checkpoints—particularly annoying in the Miami and Mumbai levels. Use stashes to put weapons inside areas you’ll be infiltrating anyway, bathrooms are always good.
  • Hide Bodies - always hide bodies, even if you think they won’t be found.
  • Blend In - you can hide from those pesky elite guards by blending in. There are a ton of different ways to do this, but just look out for the small white squares at work tables, ledes and newspapers.
  • A Blade in the Crowd - You can blend in with crowds this time around, so use it wisely.
  • Briefcase - the Briefcases are back, allowing you to stow a sniper rifle.
  • Check the Challenges - the Challenges page in the menus will give you clues as to a level’s possible kills.

Hitman 2 Controls

If you played the last Hitman game, you’ll feel right at home with Hitman 2’s control scheme. If you’re new to the series or maybe just need a refresher, fear not—as we’ve listed them below:

  • Square/X - Agility Actions (Press)/Take Disguise (Hold)
  • Square/ X - Melee (Press)/Use Item (Hold)
  • Triangle/ Y - Interact (Press)/ Pick Up (Hold)
  • Circle/ B - Take Cover/Actions (Press)/Drag Body (Hold)
  • LS - Move/Camera Switch Shoulder (Press)
  • RS - Move Camera/ Crouch (Press)
  • Up - Holster/ Unholster
  • Left - Inventory
  • Right - N/A
  • Down - Drop Item
  • L1/LB - Run
  • L2/LT - Aim
  • R1/RB - Reload (Press)/ Instinct (Hold)
  • R2/RT - Shoot/Throw
  • Options/Start - Menu
  • Touchpad/Select - Notebook

Hitman 2 Legacy Pack - How to Play Levels From the First Game (Season 1)

If you’ve loaded up Hitman 2, and headed into the Story section, you’ll have noticed that you have the choice to play Hitman (2016) in addition to Hitman 2. You’ll need to have owned it in order to do so, and must download the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack from the store. Once you do, you’ll receive all of the main missions from the first game, but running on the new engine. New content will also be added to the Legacy Pack later down the line.

If you’d like to read our verdict on Hitman 2, head over to our Hitman 2 Review. For more on Hitman 2, stay tuned.

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