Hitman 2 The Ark Society Walkthrough - Isle of Sgail Kills, Challenges, Commemorative Coin Locations

Hitman 2 The Ark Society Walkthrough - Isle of Sgail Kills, Challenges, Commemorative Coin Locations

Agent 47 is back and ready to garrote, shoot, and sneak his way around five huge new levels. From tips to detailed level breakdowns and walkthroughs, here’s our Hitman 2 Guide.

The final mission in Hitman 2 is a real doozy, combining secret underground sarcophagi, burning effigies and treasure hunt. There are a ton of disguises to find, the mission stories are some of the hardest in the game, and the kills are undoubtedly some of the best. To ensure that you manage to burn, maim, poison and garotte all of the key members of the villainous Ark Society, we’ve put together this Hitman 2 The Ark Society Walkthrough Guide. We’ll cover all of the Mission Stories, Assassination Challenges, and kills in the Isle of Sgail level of Hitman 2. We’ve also got poison locations, wrench locations, and commemorative coin locations, so that you can complete every kill in the game.

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Hitman 2 The Ark Society Guide

The Ark Society mission in Hitman 2 is very difficult to complete. There are guards everywhere, security cameras on what feels like every wall, and very few opportunities for easy disguises. We’ve done the hard work for you though, and listed tips on how to complete all of the best kills below.

Hitman 2 Isle of Sgail Poison Locations

You’ll need poison to complete some of the kills in Hitman 2’s Ark Society level. Luckily, there are plenty of places to find it, which we’ve listed below:

  • There’s rat poison in the hydraulics room.
  • Rat poison can also be found in the staff closet in the Patron’s Lounge.
  • There is Rat Poison in the room with the Master of Ceremonies.

Hitman 2 Ark Society Disguises Locations

There are a bunch of great disguises in Hitman 2’s Isle of Sgail, but not all of them are particularly easy to get to. The Ark Initiate in particular is pretty hard to get ahold of, but we’ve got you covered below:

  • Ark Initiate - Let’s start off with the hardest one then. There are two Ark Initiates that you can take on. The easiest one is the guy roaming through the Patron’s Lounge. You’ll need to get yourself a staff outfit first (see below), then poison the wine he drinks. Follow him to the bathroom and hey presto!
  • Elite Guard - The Elite Guard outfit is one of the best to have on this level, allowing you to roam freely around the majority of the map. To get one, you’ll need to head up to the tower area, with the large steel bridge. Climbing up the side is the easiest way, then shimmy across the bridge and take out the guard when he heads around a corner.
  • Raider - You’ll find the Raider disguise as part of the ‘Last Honors’ Mission Story. There is an area to the North East of the map that has archaeologists examining artifacts, there are Raiders in the area.
  • Entertainer - Head into the Patron’s Lounge. There is a door at the end of the room with a fuse box inside. In this room, there is a locked door with an Entertainer’s disguise inside.
  • Staff - The Staff Disguise allows you to poison things, this is useful. Go to the Patron’s area and then look for the room with a staff member standing outside. You’ll be able to walk in without being spotted. Turn on the vacuum cleaner inside, and take out the guy that comes to investigate.

Hitman 2 The Ark Society Wrench Locations

You’ll need a wrench to sabotage the hydraulics system in the Isle of Sgail level of Hitman 2. Luckily, there’s a couple of easy places to get one. We’ve listed them below:

  • There’s a wrench in the hydraulic room itself, and you can use the generator nearby to grab it.
  • An easier way is to head out of the hydraulics room, heading into the corridor. There’s a window that you can climb through here. There’s a wrench just up ahead.

Hitman 2 The Ark Society Commemorative Coin Locations

To pull off the ‘Final Club’ kill, you’ll need to locate 10 commemorative coins. They are very difficult to find, especially since they are scattered all over the map. We’ve found them all, and have described their locations below:

  • The first you’ll want to grab is with a man standing outside of the Patron’s Lounge. You’ll need the Ark Initiate disguise, approach him and he’ll walk off to the bathroom. Take him out to get the coin.
  • The next two coins are up on level two, in an area shown in the map above. You’ll need to sneak in, there’s a path around the edge of the outer wall. The first is on the gargoyle, the second is in the area just behind the two guards guarding the entrance.
  • The next set of coins can be found in the Crypt area of the map, they are found pretty easily, one in each room.
  • The next coin is in the hallway just outside of the crypt, towards the square. You’ll find it by looking for the red light, though you’ll need to use the Radio in the next room to lure the guard away.
  • In the Lower Courtyard is a cage. You’ll need to throw an object at it to dislodge the tokens. There are two here.
  • The final two coins are in the other Ark Initiate. You’ll need to use a coin to distract him away from the crowd. You’ll find two coins on his body, and a VIP pass.

Hitman 2 The Ark Society Mission Walkthroughs

There are once again seven Mission Stories to work through on the Isle of Sgail, each ending in a different kill. They are very difficult to finish, but with a little guidance, you’ll complete them all in no time.

Hitman 2 A Phoenix From the Ashes Walkthrough

This Mission Story involves disguising 47 as the Master of Ceremony. Let’s take a look at how to pull it off.

  • Grab a wrench from the locations detailed above.
  • Head to the Hydraulics Room and use the nearby generator to distract the guard.
  • While she’s away, sabotage the hydraulics.
  • Now climb out of the window and scale up to the room with the MC in it.
  • Getting to the Master of Ceremony is as simple as waiting for the conversation to finish, and then use distractions in the room to pick off the guards. You can leave the one at the laptop alone.
  • Take the MC disguise and head to the effigy.
  • Perform the ceremony after sabotaging the mechanism.

Hitman 2 It Belongs in a Museum Walkthrough

In this Mission Story, you’ll channel your inner Indiana Jones. Here’s how to steal the necklace, and strangle Sophia with it.

  • Your first task is stealing the necklace. You’ll need to head over to the exhibition.
  • Make your way upstairs, to the room next to the dude on the laptop.
  • You can follow the wires from the Necklace case to find it if you’re stuck.
  • Turn off the fuse box in the room adjacent and as soon as the guard leaves, get into the laptop area and take out the guard.
  • You’ll need to hide the body, take his disguise and disable the alarm before the guard comes back.
  • Once the alarm is down, head down to the necklace.
  • Pull the fire alarm, and swipe the necklace once everyone has left.
  • Now, locate Blake Nathaniel and take him out in the exact same way as you did the alarm guard.
  • Take his disguise then go and talk to Sophia.
  • She’ll lead you somewhere, and will ask you to put a necklace on her.
  • Kill her with it.

Hitman 2 Final Club Walkthrough

The Final Club is one of the hardest mission stories to complete in the game. You’ll first need to get yourself an Ark Initiate disguise (we outlined the method in the article above).

  • Now you need to gather all of the coins, we’ve provided details above.
  • Organize a meeting with Zoe Washington.
  • Follow her to the ECT device.
  • Kill her with it.

Hitman 2 Last Honors Walkthrough

The Last Honors is pretty awesome, and involves disguising 47 as a dead body. Here’s how to pull it off.

  • You’ll need a guard’s uniform to reach the mission start easily.
  • Go to the dagger’s location.
  • It’s not in the room with the workers, but the one with the Raiders instead.
  • We’ve added a screenshot of the correct box you’ll need to open above.
  • You’ll need a crowbar to open it, there are plenty in the area.
  • Once you have the dagger you need to head down to Janus’ body.
  • There are three guards in the room, that you can take out using the various distractions in the room.
  • Take Janus’ disguise and head upstairs to the funeral area.
  • You need to reach the harpist unseen, there is a path around the back covered with tall grass.
  • Wait for Sophia to arrive and then kill her.

Hitman 2 Social Climbing Walkthrough

This mission, rather unsurprisingly, features a lot of climbing. You’ll need to get some alone time with the Constant, which means you’ll need to disguise yourself as an Architect.

  • You’ll need to reach the exhibition area on the top floor of the main building, the Architect’s Lounge.
  • The best way to do this is to scale up the building, using the metal bridge as a starting point.
  • Once you’re up there you’ll need to get yourself a suitable disguise. The barman can be lured outside with the generator.
  • If you come across a door that needs a keycard, note that there are a lot of windows that you can climb through and out of.
  • Do this to get to the room with the laptop in ot.
  • Interact with the laptop.
  • Wait for Olivia to call Sinclair and identify him.
  • The easiest way to take him out is to poison his drink.
  • You can also turn off the model village lights in the other room to lure him away.
  • There are security cameras around, be careful.
  • Take his disguise and meet the Constant.

Hitman 2 Winds of Change Walkthrough

The final Mission Story involves Agent 47 masquerading as a council member. It is pretty tricky to pull off, but here’s how to do it.

  • Locate Jedidiah Block on the roof of The Armory.
  • He has three guards, one can be pushed from the roof without the others seeing.
  • The other two will need distractions to take down.
  • Watch out for The Constant, as he often roams this area.
  • Steal Block’s disguise and meet Sophia.
  • Take your seat at the council and vote against Sophia.

Hitman 2 The Ark Society Assassination Challenges

  • The Final Countdown - Assassinate Zoe and Sophia after the Constant has escaped
  • Fell for It - Follow the ‘Social Climbing’ Mission Story and then push Sophia from the tower.
  • Rock Bottom - Next to the funeral area is a Gargoyle, you can push it onto Sophia
  • Boom Goes the Dynamite - There’s a cannon pointing at the effigy, get Zoe into the Effigy and then arm and fire the cannon.
  • Blood Money - Follow the ‘Last Honors’ Mission Story.
  • Case Closed - Follow the ‘Winds of Change’ Mission Story and then kill her with the iron maiden when she reprimands you (you must vote against her)
  • Little White Lies - Follow the ‘Final Club’ Mission Story
  • ...Now You Don’t - Follow the ‘Phoenix From the Ashes’ Mission Story.
  • Sleight of Hand - Follow the ‘It Belongs in a Museum’ Mission Story
  • Mistaken Identity - Kill Zoe with the Necklace after stealing it.
  • King of the Castle - Throw the twins from the penthouse balcony.

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