Hitman 2 Colombia Walkthrough - Three Headed Serpent Kills, Challenges, Band Member Locations

Hitman 2 Colombia Walkthrough - Three Headed Serpent Kills, Challenges, Band Member Locations

Agent 47 is back and ready to garrote, shoot, and sneak his way around five huge new levels. From tips to detailed level breakdowns and walkthroughs, here’s our Hitman 2 Guide.

The second of Hitman 2’s sprawling maps is set in Colombia. It has cocaine field, a statue unveiling, and a tattoo gone seriously wrong. It’s a huge area, with three very different parts to explore. To save you some time, we’ve put together this Hitman 2 Colombia Guide, to lead you through all of the main kills from the Three Headed Serpent mission. We’ll detail all of the assassination challenges too, and tell you exactly where to find those pesky band members.

For more on Hitman 2, be sure to head over to our Hitman 2 Guides Hub. It has links to helpful tips and tricks, and map breakdowns. For now though, let’s take a look at the Hitman 2 Colombia Kills and Challenges.

Hitman 2 Colombia Guide

The Colombia level in Hitman 2 is pretty diverse, with a cocaine farm, a seaside village, a construction site, and underground submarine base. There’s also seven big kills to take on, and a bunch of awesome assassinations to complete.

Hitman 2 Colombia Poison Locations

You'll need poison to complete some of the kill challenges in Hitman 2's Colombia level. There's plenty to go around, so just check the list below for info.

  • There's rat poison in the convenience store next to the mechanic.
  • It can also be found in the hut market by the bar with the tattoo artist in it.
  • In the basement of this bar, you'll also find poison

Hitman 2 Colombia Missions Walkthrough

There are a few different ways that you can play through the levels of Hitman 2. You can experiment and go through winging it, or you can use the Mission Stories for guidance. Even with guidance though, these big kills can be tricky to execute, but don’t worry, because we’ve completed all of them. We’ve listed walkthroughs for all of the Hitman 2 Colombia missions below.

Hitman 2 Backpacker Walkthrough

The first kill we’re taking a look at is part of the ‘The Backpacker’ mission. It has Agent 47 dressing up as a hippy and delivering a little china bus made out of poison-laced cocaine, groovy! We’ve detailed how to pull it off below:

  • There’s a shack near the statue where two hippies are talking.
  • Listen to them, then break into the shack.
  • You’ll need glue, which the mechanic in town has on him.
  • You’ll need to take him out to get it, so distract him with the radio and take him out.
  • Grab the rat poison in the shop nearby.
  • Use the glue to repair the souvenir.
  • Poison it too.
  • Now, use the alarm to draw in the hippy.
  • Take him out and get in disguise.
  • Head to the underground cave entrance marked on your map.
  • You will be frisked momentarily, so ditch any illegal items you have.
  • Let the guards lead you into the caves.
  • Give the souvenir to Franco
  • Follow him as he goes to be sick in the nearby hole.
  • Push him in.

Hitman 2 Deadly Art Walkthrough

To complete A Deadly Art, you’ll need to take on the guise of a celebrity tattoo artist, before jamming a needle into the neck of Rico Delgado. Let’s take a look at how to pull it off.

  • Grab rat poison from
  • Head over to the Fishing Shanty bar to the north.
  • Listen to the tattoo artist’s convo, then go outside and lure the barman out using the generator.
  • Take him out, then grab his disguise. Walk back in and use the bar key to head into the basement.
  • Pick up the rat poison and return to the bar upstairs.
  • Blend in, until the tattoo artist takes a phone call.
  • When he does, poison his drink.
  • Follow him into the bathroom and take his disguise.
  • Go to the Delgado complex, you will be frisked.
  • Meet Rico Delgado and start the tattoo
  • Ask him to sit still, removing the lady from the room
  • Guard will then leave.
  • Kill Rico, and leave his body in the bathroom.
  • Escape through the window in the bathroom.

Hitman 2 Half Baked Walkthrough

Half baked involves a kill in which a man is fed into a cocaine processing machine, so I’m all here for it. It’s a pretty difficult one to get right, but with the right tips you’ll be in and out in no time.

  • Head into the Jungle, by the crashed plane.
  • You’ll see a red box stuck up at the top of the plane.
  • Use a throwable object to get it down.
  • Grab the circuit boards from the box.
  • Get a drug lab worker outfit by going to the drug lab just south of the Cocoa Plantation.
  • Switch off the fuse box to draw out a worker, take their disguise.
  • Fix the cocaine machine using the circuit boards
  • Franco will show up
  • Hide outside then when he’s leaning into the machine, climb through the window on the North side of the building and push him in.

Hitman 2 Hallowed Ground Walkthrough

If you ever wanted to kill a lady with cement while dressed as a shaman, well then you’re in luck. In Hallowed Ground you do just that, so let’s take a look at how it’s done.

  • Go to the Jungle area near the crashed plane and locate the group of backpackers.
  • You’ll need to pick the nearby poisonous plant and put it into the tea.
  • Don’t worry about the people sat down, they’re too high to notice. When the Shaman drinks the tea, he’ll get sick and then head to the bathroom.
  • Take his disguise.
  • Go to meet Andrea Martinez.
  • She’ll take you to the construction site.
  • Perform the ritual.
  • Wait by the cement mixer controls until you get an opening to kill Andrea with it.
  • Make sure there is no one watching and press the button.

Hitman 2 Heart of Stone Walkthrough

This kill involves a very heavy statue being dropped directly onto a target’s head. Here’s how to complete Heart of Stone in Hitman 2.

  • First up, grab a wrench from the mechanic.
  • Now go to the back of the statue and listen to the two guards.
  • One will go and pee, so take him out and get the disguise.
  • Walk up to the statue and loosen it.
  • Now, you need to find all of the missing band members.
  • The first is found in the area you started in by the bus stop, he can be seen sleeping on a bench. Now, you need to track down the rest, but you only really need to find one.
  • The one you need to find is passed out behind the petrol station.
  • The rest will be marked on your map.
  • The only tricky one is the Drummer, who you’ll need to lure out with the fusebox.
  • Break in and steal his disguise.
  • Go to the statue and start the band festivities.
  • This will start the presentation
  • Drum roll
  • The statue will kill Delgado

Hitman 2 Band Member Locations

Finding all four band members in Hitman 2 can be tough, especially if you’re not using mission prompts. Luckily we’ve marked them on the map below:

Hitman 2 Submerged Mission Walkthrough

So what exactly is going on with this super secret submarine base? Well, it’s the setting for a truly glorious kill. Here’s how to do the Submerged Mission Story.

  • First, you need to get a submarine worker’s outfit.
  • You can either follow the woman to her husband located in the town plaza.
  • Or you can head straight to his hut in the fishing village.
  • Regardless, you need to steal his clothes round the back of the hut.
  • You can scale around the building if needed as there’s a gap in the wall down by the water.
  • Once you have the outfit, go to the bar.
  • Look at the map to find the hidden panel and passage.
  • Follow it to the sub chamber.
  • You need to get the screwdriver in the area.
  • Use the generator to distract the worker and get it.
  • Sabotage the engine
  • Go to the control panel and rev the engine.
  • When Delgado asks you to, hit it up to max.
  • It will flatten him.

Hitman 2 Undying Love Walkthrough

For this kill, you’ll be delivering a love letter and pushing Martinez off of a cliff. Let’s see how it’s done, shall we?

  • Go to the Delgado compound
  • Climb a wall inside.
  • You need to disguise yourself as one of the gardeners
  • Use the faucet to lure one in then take his disguise.
  • Head around the back of the house, and go behind the big TV.
  • Turn it off and take the guard’s disguise.
  • Head down the closest staircase.
  • Move through to the kitchen area and pick up rat poison
  • Return to the room with the tv and bar in it.
  • Watch carefully and poison the correct cocaine.
  • It’s the one that is on your right if you are facing the bar as a customer.
  • Follow the guard into the bathroom and take him out.
  • Grab the love letter then high-tail it to Martinez’ area.
  • Use the fire alarm to draw everyone out of the building and then head up to the second floor and place the love letter into her inbox on the desk.
  • Head out onto the balcony and wait
  • She’ll read the letter and then stand by the cliff edge.
  • Push her off.

Hitman 2 Colombia Challenges - Assassination Challenges

On top of the headline kills, there are a number of assassination challenges to complete in the Hitman 2 Colombia map too. We’ve listed them all below, alongside some info on how to do each one.

  • Hard Hat Area - follow the Shaman mission outline then use the crane at the construction site to drop a crate on Andrea.
  • Caution: Heavy Machinery - push Franco into the cocaine machine.
  • Exit, Stage Left - you’ll need to push the statue onto Delgado and Martinez during the unveiling.
  • A Strong Foundation - kill Andrea with the cement mixer. Follow the Shaman mission structure detailed above.
  • Still As a Statue - kill Rico Delgado with the statue. Follow the Heart of Stone mission structure detailed above.
  • Special Delivery - place an explosive package into Martinez’ inbox tray.
  • Mind the Step - Franco will be searching for rare flowers after he’s done playing around with the cocaine machine after the Half Baked mission structure.
  • It Looks Just Like Her - follow the Deadly art mission above and kill Delgado with a tattoo gun.
  • Splash Landing - follow the Submerged mission story and kill Delgado with the submarine.
  • Deadlier art - you’ll need to get into Delgado’s complex and shoot the chandelier so it drops on him.
  • Bait and Switch - follow the Undying Love mission outlined above, then push Andrea off of her balcony.
  • The Secret Ingredient - you’ll need to follow the Backpacker mission but make sure you use lethal poison in the souvenir.
  • A Bite Out of Crime - there’s a hippo pool near Delgado’s complex. Push him in.

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