Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough - The Finish Line Kills, Poison Locations, Miami Challenges

Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough - The Finish Line Kills, Poison Locations, Miami Challenges

Agent 47 is back and ready to garrote, shoot, and sneak his way around five huge new levels. From tips to detailed level breakdowns and walkthroughs, here’s our Hitman 2 Guide.

The first of Hitman 2’s five main levels is set during a Grand Prix event in sunny Miami. There are two targets to take out, and a hundred ways to do so. To help guide you through it all, we’ve put together this Hitman 2 Miami Guide. We’ll detail all of the main kills that you can perform, and also take a look at all of the challenges available too. There’s plenty of disguises to grab, equipment to sabotage, and even an out of control killer robot, so let’s get started.

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Hitman 2 Miami Guide

The first mission in Hitman 2 is one of the best in the series so far, tasking players with eliminating a duo of daddy/daughter targets. Sierra and Robert Knox are the targets in question, and you’ll need to eliminate both in order to clear the mission. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

Hitman 2 Miami Poison Locations

You'll ned poison to take on some of the kills in Hitman 2's Miami level. We've listed some of the places you can find it below:

  • Storage room of the VIP bar.
  • Equipment shed by the marina.

Hitman 2 Sierra Knox Locations

You’ll be able to see Sierra Knox on your map when loading in, but she will move around quite a bit. She starts off in a racecar as the race is in progress. After a while, the race will end, and she will start to move from the team VIP bar, to the garage, and in a circle in that general area. You’ll need to be in the track portion of the map to approach her, and keep in mind that the walkway area is the only time you can approach her undetected and not in a disguise. We’ve drawn her generally, uninterrupted pattern in the image below:

Hitman 2 Miami Missions Walkthrough

There are a few different ways that you can play through the levels of Hitman 2. You can experiment and go through winging it, or you can use the Mission Stories for guidance. Even with guidance though, these big kills can be tricky to execute, but don’t worry, because we’ve completed all of them. We’ve listed walkthroughs for all of the Hitman 2 Miami missions below.

Hitman 2 The New Army Walkthrough

The first Mission Story we’re looking at for the Hitman 2 Miami level is The New Army. It involves assassinating Robert Knox with a killer robot, let’s get started.

  • Head to the Marina area of the map, outside the Kronstadt center.
  • By the water is a man called Ted, listen to his phone call.
  • Follow Ted over to where he is smoking, knock him out when the nearby guard isn’t looking, and drag his body into the gated area behind him.
  • Dump his body into the wood chipper (you can turn it on for a very gory kill)
  • Take Ted’s disguise and walk into the Kronstadt center.
  • Go to the receptionist and then walk up the stairs on the right to meet Robert.
  • He will demonstrate the robot, and show that scanning a picture selects the target.
  • There is a picture of Robert on a magazine. Head out of the room and run left until you get to a printer, the picture is here.
  • Go up to Robert and ask for another demonstration.
  • Scan his photo and he will be killed.
  • Leave immediately through the way you came, and head back to your original outfit or escape.

Hitman 2 Pretty in Pink - Where is the Flamingo Mascot?

Next up is my personal favorite Mission in the game, which involves pushing Sierra Knox into a hole, dressed up as a flamingo. Let’s take a look.

  • Head to the Car Park
  • You’ll need to find the guy dressed as a Flamingo, not too hard.
  • He’ll reveal that he stole the outfit and is set to meet Sierra with some blackmail documents.
  • Go around the corner to see the costume’s original owner laying on the floor next to some car keys, pick them up.
  • Go out to the car park and press the key to locate the van.
  • Open it, and then take the documents.
  • Give the car keys back to the mascot and follow them back to their car.
  • Incapacitate, then steal the disguise.
  • Hide the body in the bin nearby.
  • Take the documents to the meeting.
  • Wait for Sierra then follow her somewhere quiet.
  • Give her the documents then wait until she stands in front of the hole.
  • Push her down.

Hitman 2 Turbo Charged Walkthrough

Turbo Charged is probably the easiest of the mission stories that you’ll need to complete. All you need to do is head over to the Knox team garage, steal a disguise, then go to the display car located in the Kronstadt center. Once you’re there, use a screwdriver to sabotage the engine.

Hitman 2 A Perfect Machine Walkthrough

Given that there are a ton of race cars zooming around the map, you’ve probably thought about how easy it would be for things to go wrong. Well, A Perfect Machine involves a pit stop gone wrong, thanks to an act of sneaky sabotage.

  • Go to the Knox garage area and steal a disguise. You can do so by following one of the mechanics into porta potty area, then taking them out.
  • Now, head into the garage and track down a pneumatic wrench.
  • Unfortunately, there are two people guarding them, so you’ll need to distract them.
  • A thrown object works well here.
  • Go over to the mechanic calling your name and get working.
  • Sabotage the wheels with the pneumatic wrench.
  • If you’d like, you can put sugar into the fuel line instead, find some in the storage area of the bars.
  • Watch Sierra crash the car.

Hitman 2 Intravenous Walkthrough

Another Hitman 2 Miami kill involves Agent 47 disguising himself as a doctor and injecting Sierra with poison. It can be a little tricky to pull off, but we’ve got you covered:

  • Head to the medical area shown in the picture above.
  • It’s next to the old motel
  • Sneak into the back of the building, but watch out for the security camera guarding the entrance.
  • Use the generator to lure out a medical worker and steal his disguise.
  • Hide the body.
  • Walk into the medical center and locate the Lethal Syringe, you’ll need a lockpick or key to unlock the cabinet it is in.
  • Go to the front desk and call Sierra using the intercom.
  • Wait for Sierra then talk to her.
  • Follow Sierra into the doctor’s office.
  • Wait for her to sit down, then poison the IV bag.
  • Once she’s dead, hide her in the nearby closet.
  • Exit through the back door and leave using the Ambulance.

Hitman 2 The Triumph Walkthrough

The Triumph involves a pyrotechnics display gone wrong. It’s a real showstopper, though it will end in some civilian casualties.

  • Head to the front of the Kronstadt center and locate two race officials eating lunch.
  • They are by the food truck.
  • They will tell you that there is a wonky pyrotechnics set up ready to go.
  • Break into the event and head for the area right of the podium where a race official is working.
  • You’ll need to take out the other person patrolling the area before taking out the race official.
  • You can hide them both in the nearby bin, though make sure you drag bodies round the back of the van so those in the garage cannot see you.
  • Head up to the tower and blend in as a race official.
  • Wait until Moses drives by and disqualify him (there will be a prompt).
  • Pick up a wrench from the nearby garage.
  • Head to the pyrotechnic controls underneath the podium.
  • Use your wrench to sabotage them, then dial up the three pressure gauges.
  • Retreat to a safe distance and watch Sierra get blown off of the stage.

Hitman 2 The Munchies Walkthrough

The last kill on our list is The Munchies. It involves serving up some poisonous coconut balls to Robert Knox. It’s a pretty straightforward kill, if you’re well prepared.

  • Make sure you have a Lockpick.
  • Head to the food truck by the boardwalk, outside Kronstadt.
  • You’ll need to take the disguise of Florida Man, who is fishing on the edge of the boardwalk.
  • Wait for the guard to turn around and then take out Florida Man.
  • You need to get rat poison from the nearby hut if you haven’t got any already.
  • Use a crowbar or lockpick to break in.
  • Take rat poison and go back to the food truck
  • Blend in as Florida Man
  • Do not offer poison coconut balls to anyone except Robert when he shows up.
  • If you put lethal poison, he will die, we recommend using rat poison.
  • Robert will head to the water to be sick, at which point you can shove him into the water, counting as an accidental kill.

Hitman 2 Miami Challenges - Assassination Challenges

On top of the headline kills, there are a number of assassination challenges too. We’ve listed them all below, alongside some info on how to do each one.

  • The Man and The Sea - Follow the Florida Man mission line up until Robert heads off toward the water. Shoot down the fish trophy to crush him.
  • Better Burn Up Than Fade Away - follow the Triumph mission above
  • The Message - details to follow
  • Under the Sea - lure Robert to the aquarium and drop the shark on him by shooting it.
  • Pink Menace - push Sierra Knox down an elevator shaft, see the Pretty in Pink mission above.
  • Hot Shot - put chili into the shots in the race VIP bar. Sierra will drink them.
  • The Florida Diet - assassinate Robert using the coconut balls. See the Munchies description above.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive - put lethal poison in the trophy, then sabotage Moses so that Sierra wins. See the Triumph mission for details.
  • Explosive Liaisons - details to follow
  • External combustion engine - follow the steps for Turbo Charged and put high-octane fuel in the tank before calling Robert down.
  • Ocular Administration - poison Robert’s eye drops.
  • Wheel of Misfortune - follow the steps for A Perfect Machine detailed above.
  • Vitamin Overdose - poison the vitamins that are to be administered to Sierra, the medic will kill her for you.
  • Doctor 47 - see Intravenous mission above
  • Days of Thunder - follow A Perfect Machine then put a Remote Explosive in the engine.
  • The Tree Falls on the Apple - you’ll need to push Robert from his viewing platform just as Sierra’s car is approaching.
  • Moving Target - Assassinate Sierra with a sniper rifle, while she is driving her car.
  • Paranoid Android - kill Robert using the method outlined in An Arms Race mission.

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