Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough - Chasing a Ghost Kills, Challenges, The Maelstrom Location

Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough - Chasing a Ghost Kills, Challenges, The Maelstrom Location

Agent 47 is back and ready to garrote, shoot, and sneak his way around five huge new levels. From tips to detailed level breakdowns and walkthroughs, here’s our Hitman 2 Guide.

The Mumbai mission in Hitman 2 takes place over a sprawling and diverse map. There are three main areas to explore, and a deadly street gang to contend with. It is one of the hardest maps in the game, but also has some of the best assassinations. In this Hitman 2 Mumbai Guide, we’ll be walking you through all of the Mission Stories and major kills in the Mumbai map. We’ll also be taking a look at how to complete the Assassination Challenges, and offer some advice on finding the Maelstrom.

For more on Hitman 2, be sure to head over to our Hitman 2 Guides Hub. It has links to helpful tips and tricks, and map breakdowns. For now though, let’s take a look at the Hitman 2 Mumbai Kills and Challenges.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Guide

Hitman 2’s Mumbai mission tasks you with taking out three target, but there’s a catch—the identity of one of them is unknown. You’ll need to explore the city, tower, and train station areas to bag all three kills, and there’s a hell of a lot going on in terms of assassination opportunities. Luckily, there’s a ton of people around, so blending into crowds is going to be key here. The main issue you’ll likely run into is the Crows, a street gang who will immediately become suspicious if they catch you around the city in a disguise not familiar to them. Still though, with the right approach, and a good deal of trial and error, getting the three kills can be pretty easy. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can complete the mission.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Poison Locations

To successfully take out all three targets in Mumbai, you'll need poison. We've compiled a list of all of the poison locations in Mumbai below:

  • There's rat poison in the basement of the tower block area.
  • Rat poison can also be found in the laundry forman's office.
  • There's poison in some of the market stalls.

How to Find the Maelstrom in Hitman 2

The trickiest part of Hitman 2 Mumbai mission is locating the Maelstrom. Upon loading into the map, you’ll see two regular red targets representing Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan, and three purple targets. These purple targets are areas of interest relating to The Maelstrom. You’ll need to identify him before making a kill, so let’s take a look at how to find him.

  • In terms of Mission Stories to follow, you can go for A Close Shave, or Flames Rekindled. Both of these will lead you to the right man but if you want to track him down organically, read on.
  • The Crows Hideout is located near the Metal Workers District to the West of the map.
  • You’ll need to sneak in, and can use the generator near the waterfront to do so.
  • Take a Crows disguise and head down into the basement.
  • It is recommended that you take out the Elite Crow in the middle room and take his outfit.
  • There’s a letter from the barber in this room, so take it and head out into the street.
  • You’ll be presented with a number of targets on your map.
  • All you need to do is get close to each person, until the meter above their head fills up.
  • You will either get a positive or a negative result.
  • The identity changes each time, and it’s usually the last target you scan, so just keep at it.
  • Take care as there are many Elite guards in the streets that can see through your disguise. Use the crowds as cover.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Mission Walkthroughs

The best kills in Hitman 2 are usually part of Mission Stories. These can be followed in the menu, and will lead you through certain objectives leading up to a big assassination opportunity. They can be a little tricky to follow, so we’ve put together walkthroughs for each one. Check them out below.

Hitman 2 A Close Shave Walkthrough

The first kill on our agenda involves slashing the Maelstrom's throat with a straight razor. You’ll need to identify him first, and even then sneaking into the barber’s can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered.

  • First up you’ll need to identify the Maelstrom.
  • We’ve included info on how to do so above.
  • Next, you need to head to the Barber’s Shop in Slum Square at the center of the map.
  • Now, wait for the Barber and his friend to finish their conversation.
  • Head in through the back on the second floor and take out the Barber.
  • Go back outside and go downstairs.
  • Use the Barber’s Key to unlock the shop.
  • Blend in as Barber and wait for The Maelstrom.
  • Turn down people who aren’t The Maelstrom until he arrives.
  • Offer a shave then kill him.
  • Hide the body in the next room but be careful not to be seen by the woman in the building, she’ll patrol from the foot of the steps up to the second floor.

Hitman 2 A Dress to Die For Walkthrough

This one is a Shah kill, involving a cunning disguise and plenty of sneaking. Let’s take a look at how to get into Shah’s Train Station using the Dressmaker disguise.

  • Head to the Tailor Southwest of Slum Square.
  • You’ll need to take his disguise, he’ll eventually leave his shop.
  • Follow him to the area where he makes a phone call.
  • There is another person in the area who you will need to take out, or you can use a throwable to lure the tailor into the bushes.
  • You will need to find a coin, we have included some locations below.
  • Head to the Cloth Merchant in Slum Square
  • You can haggle with him, so do so, and just hold out until he reduced the price to one coin.
  • Buy the Cerulean cloth.
  • Head to the train station area to meet Shah.
  • You will be frisked.
  • Meet Shah.
  • Measure her until she turns around.
  • Kill her, and then take out the servant in the room.
  • Hide both bodies.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Coin Locations

If you’re short on change while exploring Mumbai in Hitman 2, visit the locations below to find Coins. They come in handy as distraction tools, and for buying items at the market.

  • Tailor’s Shop, second floor.
  • Crow Hideout, middle room.
  • Convenient stores all around Slum Square.
  • Coins can be found at several market stands. Some can be stolen by blending into crowds

Hitman 2 A Matter of Discipline

This kill involves infiltrating the laundry company as the new forman. It’s a good way to draw Shah out into the open. Let’s get started.

  • Head to the Chawls
  • There’s a laundry office that you can break into using a lockpick, or by sneaking around the back.
  • Wait downstairs and then use the radio to draw the guard down.
  • Take his disguise and hide the body.
  • Head upstairs and take out the Forman.
  • Take his disguise.
  • Report to the guard outside and you’ll be taken to meet Shah.
  • Speak to her.
  • You can push her from the ledge, or follow her for a kill.

Hitman 2 Broad Strokes Walkthrough

you’ll need to disguise yourself as an artist to successfully complete this mission. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to The Chawls.
  • There’s an Assassin in one of the rooms upstairs.
  • Leave him alive, but fix his sniper rifle, he’s going to do the killing for you.
  • Next, you’ll need to infiltrate the apartment Complex Tower.
  • There are many ways to do this, but disguising as a guard is a good shout.
  • If you need to sneak through, use the elevator shaft to reach the 3rd floor.
  • Find the room with the painter in it.
  • You can use a window to climb out and shimmy your way into the room.
  • Take out the painter and take his disguise.
  • Hide the body.
  • Go out of the room and wait for Rangan to arrive.
  • Paint his portrait, until the sniper takes him out.

Hitman 2 Flames Rekindled Walkthrough

This mission is one of the ways you can draw out The Maelstrom. It involves setting up a date between him and an old lover.

  • There’s a large hill in the city area of the map.
  • Sneak up there, and you’ll find a woman in a house surrounded by guards.
  • There’s a flag on the roof you’ll need to raise.
  • The Maelstrom will come running.
  • If you wish to kill him here, poison the wine on the table downstairs.

Hitman 2 Gone With the Wind Walkthrough

This kill in Hitman 2 involves using a giant fan to blow a target off of a tower, awesome. Here’s how to pull it off.

  • Infiltrate the tower block.
  • Head to the makeup room.
  • Poison the food tray with rat poison. There’s some in the nearby kitchen.
  • Follow the worker into the bathroom and steal disguise.
  • Go to the elevator shaft and start climbing. There’s a script on a ledge at the top. Use the hammer nearby to throw and knock it down.
  • Go get the script.
  • Take the script to the Director
  • Sabotage the big fan with the nearby screwdriver.
  • Man the fan and blow Rangan out into the sky.

Hitman 2 Picture Perfect Walkthrough

The Picture Perfect mission provides a great way to infiltrate the tower. You’ll need to track down the photographer first though, here’s how.

  • To find Gregory Arthur in Hitman 2, go to the food district and look for a man wearing wings.
  • He’ll eat some food then go and throw up.
  • Wait for the guard to move then push Arthur into the gutter below.
  • Immediately drag his body out of sight.
  • Take his disguise and head for the tower.
  • You’ll be frisked.
  • Head up to the roof and take photos of Rangan.
  • You’re in!

Hitman 2 Mumbai Assassination Challenges

On top of all of the flashy kills and missions in Hitman 2, there are also Challenges to complete. Here’s how to do them all:

  • Mumbai Blackout - kill all three targets with electricity.
  • Tea Time - infiltrate Shah’s hideout and then disguise as a servant. Poison her tea.
  • Everybody on board - details to follow.
  • Stand Still - Eliminate Shah with a tape measure disguised as a tailor (see A Dress to Die For in the article above).
  • Barbershop Duette - follow the “A Close Shave” mission.
  • Within Scope - kill a target using a sniper rifle. You’ll need to be in the outlook post near the beach.
  • Waiting for a Sign - drop a sign on The Maelstrom.
  • It Was His Biggest Fan - follow “Gone With the Wind”.
  • Mumbai Electric - kill a target with electricity.
  • Me Time - infiltrate the Train Station then head for the roof.
  • Use a wrench to sabotage the water tanks.
  • Head downstairs and increase the pressure on Shah’s pool.
  • Proxy Killer - follow “Broad Strokes”.
  • What’s Your Flavor - identify The Maelstrom and watch him carefully. Poison the tea he drinks.
  • Within a Broader Scope - kill all three targets using sniper, from the Beach outlook.

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