Madden 19 Best Defensive Players Guide - Best Madden 19 Defensive Player Ratings

Here's our best Madden 19 Ratings, including the best Madden 19 players, the best offensive and defensive players, as well as the best overall team.

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In Madden 19, you need defensive players to rely on in any given situation, including players that can contest jump balls, and players that can completely decimate an offensive line. In this Madden 19 best defensive players guide, we’ll be walking you through the complete list of the best Madden 19 defensive players in the entire game, detailing which players you can rely on to be a wrecking ball in the backfield.

If you instead need any additional help with anything else on Madden 19, you’ll want to head over to our Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this guide page that you can find all the help you need to know for basics on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, including the various changes that EA has made to base mechanics this year.

Madden 19 Best Defensive Players

Just below, you can find a complete listof the top 5 defensive players in Madden 19. These are the players that can tear through an offensive line and get sacks in key sitations, as well as going up and challenging ball in the air. You'll want pure strength, tackling, and block shedding for your offensive lineman and linebackers, which are the positions that dominate this list.

  • 1: Aaron Donald (99 OVR) - One of the best defensive players in the game, Donald isn't that slow for an offensive lineman, with 83 speed. He also boasts 99 awareness, 90 acceleration, 97 strength, 93 tackling, and 88 block shed.
  • 2: Luke Kuechly (99 OVR) - One of the highest rated linebackers in Madden 19, Kuechly is a beast on defence. 98 tackling and 93 hit power are major stats, and his zone coverage rating of 88 is a great addition too.
  • 3: Von Miller (99 OVR) - The Denver Broncos linebacker boasts 95 block shed and finesse move stats, while also having 94 tackling and 99 play recognition ratings.
  • 4: Khalil Mack (99 OVR) - Mack patrols the middle section of the defence like a hawk, especially with his 95 awareness and 87 speed stats. He also has 92 in tackling, 86 in hit power, 93 in power moves, as well as 95 play recognition.
  • 5: J.J. Watt (98 OVR) - Coming off the edge is Watt, who had an injury-plagued year in 2017/18. With 93 block shed, 94 impact blocking, 93 tackling, and 97 play recognition, he's one of the more solid defensive players in the game.

We might be all done with this Madden 19 guide on the best defensive players in the entire game right now, but we’ll be updating this page over the course of the upcoming 2018/10 NFL season, whenever EA makes changes to any of the player ratings listed above. Now that we’re all done here, you can head over to our Madden 19 best offensive players guide, or our Madden 19 best team guide, for more information.

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