Madden 19 HB Ratings - Best Running Backs

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Your Madden 19 running backs are arguably going to be the most important position on your offense, considering how EA has typically given the running game more of an edge in recent years. In this Madden 19 HB ratings guide, we'll be detailing all the very best Madden 19 running backs, so you know which players you can always rely upon no matter what at the position.

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Madden 19 Best HB Ratings Guide

Just below, you’ll find a complete top 10 list of the best runnings backs in Madden 19. We’ll also be detailing their most fundamental stat ratings, such as speed, strength, and their catching ability outside of the pocket.

Madden 19 Best Running Backs

  • 1: Le’Veon Bell (96 OVR) - Bell is your typical power running back in Madden 19, featuring a speed rating of 90, an agility rating of 95, plus a break tackle rating of 92, and a trucking stat of 90.
  • 2: Todd Gurley (94 OVR) - A young but tough running back, Gurley has a speed rating of 92, a break tackle rating of 93, an agility rating of 94, and an acceleration stat of 92.
  • 3: Ezekiel Elliott (92 OVR) - Elliot is a strong and reliable back, possessing a strength rating of 81, an agility rating of 95, and a break tackle stat of 94.
  • 4: Devonta Freeman (91 OVR) - Another of the speedier running backs with a speed stat of 92 and an agility of 95, Freeman doesn’t sacrifice other stats for this speed, also having an elusiveness of 91 and a trucking of 86.
  • 5: Alvin Kamara (90 OVR) - One of the younger HBs in Madden 19, Kamara has agility and acceleration ratings of 93, while also having an elusiveness value of 92.
  • 6: Christian McCaffrey (90) - Featuring 91 speed and 73 strength, McCaffrey is definitely one of the more powerful backs on this list.
  • 7: Melvin Gordon (89 OVR) - Another reliable back in Madden 19, Gordon has speed and agility stats of 92, plus a break tackle rating of 88 and an elusiveness stat of 86.
  • 8: David Johnson (89 OVR) - Boasting a supreme speed rating of 92 along with a break tackle rating of 96, Johnson might be just about the hardest running back to bring down in the game.
  • 9: Kareem Hunt (88 OVR) - Hunt is one of the more reliable all-round backs in Madden 19, having a speed and agility rating of 90, an acceleration rating of 92, and a break tackle rating of 88.
  • 10: LeSean McCoy (88 OVR) - Traditionally known as one of the more elusive backs in Madden, McCoy has a supreme agility rating of 96, along with a speed stat of 90, and an elusiveness rating of 87.

Keep in mind that once the 2018/19 NFL season kicks off in September, all the ratings above are prone to changing, each and every week. We’ll keep this guide completely up to date, to reflect any changes made by EA in the future.

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