Madden 19 Best Offensive Players Guide - Best Madden 19 Offensive Player Ratings

Here's our best Madden 19 Ratings, including the best Madden 19 players, the best offensive and defensive players, as well as the best overall team.

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In Madden 19, the offensive side of the ball is king, and completely dictates your ability to win or lose games. In this Madden 19 best offensive players guide, we’ll be walking you through the complete list of the best Madden 19 offensive players, based on the ratings that EA has assigned to every player on this side of the ball.

If you need help at all with any additional areas of the game, you’ll want to check out our Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this page that you can find all the beginner tips and tricks you need to know right out of the gate, including a complete list of the changes that EA has introduced to the running and passing side of the game this year.

Madden 19 Best Offensive Players

Just below, you can check out the best 5 offensive players in Madden 19. There's a fair share of quarterbacks and wide receivers in this list, but there's only one tight end, and no running backs so far. In QBs you're obviously looking for throw power, accuracy, and awareness, and for wide receivers you want a solid combination of speed, catching, and route running.

  • 1: Antonio Brown (99 OVR) - The highest rated wide receiver in Madden 19, Brown is exceptionally quick with a speed rating of 92. He also has 98 agility, 97 elusiveness, and 99 ball carrier vision.
  • 2: Rob Gronkowski (99 OVR) - The best tight end by a country mile in Madden 19, Gronkowski features speed, agility, and acceleration statistics all in the mid 80s. He also has a 96 and 97 catch and catch in traffic rating respectively, so he's a sure pair of hands.
  • 3: Julio Jones (98 OVR) - The second best receiver in Madden 19 belongs to the Atlanta Falcons. Jones has a supreme speed rating of 93, agility of 96, catch of 96 and catch in traffic stat of 98.
  • 4: Tom Brady (97 OVR) - No surprises here. Brady has an awareness stat of 99, throw power stat of 96, throw accuracy short rating of 99, throw accuracy mid rating of 97, and throw accuracy deep rating of 86.
  • 5: Aaron Rodgers (97 OVR) - Allegedly the second best QB in Madden 19, Rodgers has 97 throw power, 98 throw accuracy short, 94 throw accuracy mid, and 88 throw accuracy deep ratings, as well as a 96 play action rating.

And with that, our guide on the best Madden 19 offensive players draws to a close. We’ll be keeping the list above updated throughout the course of the entire 2018/19 NFL season, to reflect any changes to player ratings that are made based on real life performances. Now that we’re all done here, you can head over to our Madden 19 best team guide, where we’ve analyzed the strengths of the single best team in the entire game.

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