Madden 19 Best Offensive Playbooks Guide

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Offensive playbooks are everything in Madden 19, since being stuck with a bad one can decimate your chances of winning a match. In this Madden 19 best offensive playbooks page, we'll be guiding you through a brief list of the best of the best playbooks available for your offense in the game.

There’s a whole lot to get to grips with in the early hours of Madden 19, and for all the beginner tips and tricks you need on understanding all the changes that have been made for this iteration of the game, you’ll want to head over to our main Madden 19 guide.

Madden 19 Best Offensive Playbook Guide

Just below, we've singled out the few playbooks in Madden 19 that we believe are the best of the bunch. Keep in mind that playbooks are always evolving and changing, as the game of Madden changes as the NFL season goes on, but as of right now, these are the few best offensive playbooks on offer.

Madden 19 Patriots Offensive Playbook

This one shouldn’t surprise too many longtime Madden players. The Patriots offensive playbook has been an absolute wrecking ball for a good few years now, and why wouldn’t it when you have Tom Brady throwing passes for you. Just below, we’ve outlined some of the plays in the Patriots offensive playbook that have been excellent for us so far.

  • I Form: PA TE Corner - With this play, you can hit either your tight end or receiver on the left when they cut up the field, placing the ball in front of them. With the I Form, you always audible to a solid run play, just in case you’d rather utilize your running back.
  • I Form: PA FB Flat - The same can largely be said for this second I Form play, except with this one you’ve got three routes that cut up the field and to the right, instead of just two.
  • Shotgun: Bunch Trail - This play is excellent. You hit can either hit the receiver on the left when they cut to the sidelines, the receiver on the right when they also cut to the sidelines, or the tight end who runs to the side, then cuts back up towards the middle of the field.
  • Shotgun: Bench Swap - Bench plays have always been a great choice, and they still are in Madden 19. You can hit either of the receivers when they cut to the sideline, or use the player in the middle as the insurance.
  • Shotgun: Mesh Switch - With this play, if you’ve got a speedy receiver in the slot on the right you can potentially hit them up with a deep throw, or you can use either of the routes on the left once they cut up the field.
  • Shotgun: HB Wheel - For this play, you’ve got a ton of options. You can hit the receiver on the left if they manage to get seperation after they cut, or either player in the backfield if they’re left uncovered. Or, you can hit either receiver on the right once they cut, potentially getting separation from coverage.
  • Shotgun: PA Counter Go - This play can be used to gain some big yardage, pretty quickly. You can either hit the slot receiver when they cut into the middle of the field, or the other slot receiver when they make their cut to the outside.

Madden 19 Saints Offensive Playbook

With a QB as good as Brees, you've got to have an elite passing playbook at the very least. We've outlined some of the best plays from this well balanced playbook just below, which is definitely one of the very best in Madden 19.

  • Singleback: Quick Pitch - If your opponent likes to bring the blitz up the middle, then this play out of the Bunch Base formation is excellent, letting you quickly take the ball to the outside.
  • Singleback - HB Zone Wk - Out of the Wing Flex formation, and with two receivers blocking for your running back on the outside, this is a useful play if you've got a running back with good trucking skills.
  • Pistol: Saints Flood - Coming from the only Pistol formation in the playbook, there are plenty of unique passing plays in the formation, but Saints Flood gives you plenty of options, with multiple receivers cutting.
  • Shotgun: Inside Zone - Featuring eight total blocking players, this Trey Y-Flex formation play is useful for when you need to catch your opponent off guard with a run.
  • Shotgun: Saints Outs - Out of the Y Off Trio Wk formation, this passing play has some really useful routes on the outside, as well as a cutting route back towards the inside for insurance.
  • Shotgun: Saints Drags - There are a lot of routes to keep an eye on in this formation out of the Eagle H-Spot formation, but you can use the inside routes for insurance, or hit the receiver on the right as they cut for some solid yardage.

Madden 19 Seahawks Offensive Playbook

As you'll no doubt see below, this might be just about the best Madden 19 offensive playbook for running plays in the entire game. There's a ton of formations for smart running plays, with pulling guards and tight ends for extra blockers, plus some decent passing plays for short yardage situations.

  • Singleback: Zone Split Wk - A play from the Deuce Close formation, this running play is great for your red zone offense, as it features the tight end coming across the field to block any players blitzing from the right.
  • Strong I: HB Dive - A simple play out of the H Wing formation, this dive play should be your go to run if you need yards in critical situations.
  • Pistol: Shakes - Out of the Strong Slot Open formation, this is an excellent play for gaining yards in critical situations. You can hit any of the three receivers as they cut, or either of the running backs if they're left unguarded.
  • Pistol: Inside Zone Split - Another play out of the Strong Slot Open formation, this running play provides solid blocking for your running back, due to the second running back blocking any blitzing defenders from the left.
  • Shotgun: HB Counter Wk - The Wing Pair formation in the Shotgun has some great running plays, but this might be the best of the bunch, featuring two pulling guards that pave the way for your running back.
  • Shotgun: Bunch Trail - Out of the Bunch formation, this is an almost essential passing play in Madden 19 for picking up chunk yardage when you use the tight end that cuts upfield.

This is the end of our Madden 19 offensive playbook guide for the best offensive playbooks. Now that we’re all done here, you can check out our best Madden 19 defensive playbook guide, where you can find a list of all the defensive money plays that you need.