Madden 19 Offensive Money Plays Guide, Best Offensive Plays

Here's our complete Madden 19 tips guide, featuring all you need to know about the controls layout, offensive and defensive tips and tricks, and money plays.

Your offense is nearly always going to determine whether you win or lose a game of Madden 19. In this Madden 19 best offensive plays guide, we'll be walking you through a list of the best Madden 19 money plays in the entire game, so you've always got a select few plays to rely on no matter what sort of situation you find yourself in.

But if you instead need help with any additional areas of this iteration of Madden, you’ll want to head over to our Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this page that you can find all the fundamental beginner’s tips and tricks for the core passing and running mechanics of the game, and much more.

Best Madden 19 Offensive Money Plays

In the guide below, you can find all the offensive money plays that we've found in Madden 19. We'll be breaking out the guide and sectioning it by formation, so you know what the best plays are for each formation.

Madden 19 I Form Money Plays

  • I Form: Close Flex Stretch - An excellent running play, provided you can stay slightly patient and let the blocks develop in front of you, before rushing ahead.
  • I Form: PA FB Flat - This is a great passing play, since it has three receivers and one running back performing cutting routes up the field, to which you can throw the ball in front of any of them as soon as they cut.
  • I Form: Post Wheel - While the slot receiver on the left can get a step on his defender to the outside of the field, you can hit the other receiver as soon as they cut upfield. Use the tight end’s route in this formation as the insurance pass.
  • I Form: PA Boot Flow - For this play, you can either hit the receiver on the left as they cut towards the sideline, or either of the tight ends on the right, as they race across the middle of the field.

Madden 19 Pistol Money Plays

  • Pistol: Smash Spot - This play features two receiver routes cutting towards the sidelines on either side of the field, meaning you can hit up either one if they get a step on their defender.
  • Pistol: Ace PA Boot - Cancel the play action by putting the running back on a blocking assignment, and you'll have an extra person to catch a blitzing player, giving you time to hit up any of the routes down the field.

Madden 19 Shotgun Money Plays

  • Shotgun: Posts - This is an excellent passing play, since four of the five total routes on the field have the ability to cut upfield, letting them potentially get a step on their defender.
  • Shotgun: Bench Swap - Bench plays have always been excellent for getting your receivers to cut to the outside, and this one is no exception, as there are two receivers on either side of the field that you can throw an outside bullet pass to.
  • Shotgun: Bunch Trail - This has been a core passing play for many teams in Madden for years now. You want to either hit the receiver on the left or right when they cut towards the sidelines, or the tight end when they make their cut back upfield.
  • Shotgun: Z Spot N Go - This is a great play, depending on who gets separation where. You can either hit the receiver running the middle route once they’ve made their second cut upfield, or you can hit up either receiver on the outside of the field, once they’ve cut towards the sidelines.
  • Shotgun: Empty Y-Saint - Provided you can put the X/Square route on an in route, this play can be devastating if you hit the receiver in the flats quickly, or look upfield for a deeper throw.
  • Shotgun: PA Shot Wheel - Out of the Trips TE formation, this play is incredibly reliable for chunk yardage, since you can hit the receiver in the flats immediately, or the X/Square receiver once they've cut to the middle of the field.

As of right now, this is a complete list of all the various money plays that we’ve found in Madden 19 so far. We’ll make sure to expand upon this list whenever we uncover any new money plays in the game, but for now you can check out our Madden 19 defensive money plays, for some crucial blitzes and coverage plays.

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