Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event - Start and End Date, New Spring Event Quests, New Monster Hunter World Spring Armor

In this Monster Hunter World guide, we'll walk you through how to capture a monster, how to use the Insect Glaive in MHW, how to use both the Botanical and Ecological Research Centers, and how to understand the Monster Hunter World armor range.

The Spring Blossom Festival has unfortunately ended as of right now in Monster Hunter World, but we'll still run through all the activities that were active while the event for on for players around the world.

If you instead needed anything else to do with Monster Hunter World, including how to master all fourteen different types of weapons found in the game, as well as a walkthrough on how to capture monsters using the Shock Trap technique, head over to our Monster Hunter World guides hub.

Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Festival Guide

We mentioned that the Gathering Hub area had a makeover in accordance with the Spring Blossom Festival event for Monster Hunter World, and it was completely redone in accordance with the festival, as you’ll be first introduced to when you step back into the Gathering Hub for the first time. You can see screenshots of the new Gathering Hub area just below, but as we mentioned previously, it's now over and back to normal.

Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event End Date

The Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Festival started back at the beginning of April 2018, bringing in the Spring festivities into the game. Unfortunately the event ended merely a few weeks later on April 20, 2018, bringing all the festivities to a close.

Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Quests

There were a load of new quests to undertake during the Spring Blossom Festival, but there was also several returning events. Both the Horizon Zero Dawn and the Street Fighter 5 collaboration events were active during the Spring Blossom Festival, and you were also be able to play the latter collaboration quest even if you don’t have save data for Street Fighter 5 on your PS4, which was a previous requirement for the event.

Aside from another shot at obtaining Aloy’s gear and Ryu’s outfit, Daily Login Tickets increased to two tickets per day, meaning you’ll have two shots at maximising your gains for completing a quest in Monster Hunter World every single day. There are also two brand new Monster Hunter World quests to undertake during this period, both of which we’ve outlined just below:

  • Relish the Moment (9*) - Taking place in the Ancient Forest, you’ll have to be at least Hunter Rank 50 if you want to undertake this quest to slay a Deviljho.
  • A Rush of Blood (7*) - This Arena quest requires you to be at least Hunter Rank 13, and you’ll have to slay two Odogaron (one of which is a mini version of the beast).

Monster Hunter World New Spring Blossom Armor

As soon you jump back into Monster Hunter World for the Spring Blossom Festival event, you’ll be granted one new Spring Blossom Ticket, on top of the two Daily Login Tickets that we mentioned above. You can then use this Spring Blossom Ticket to craft all sorts of new items, including new Palico armor, and new armor for yourself in both the Low Rank and High Rank categories.

The Handler will be wearing a special bee-themed outfit during the Spring Blossom Festival, and there will also be a new spring-themed dish available from the Meowscular Chef at the Canteen during the event. If you want to put the Handler in her new outfit (which is only available while the festival is running), you need to go into your private quarters in Astera and select the ‘Handler Outfit’ option from the Housekeeper.

Finally, you can check out several of the new gestures available Monster Hunter World players just below:

This might be it for our Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Festival event guide, but continue ahead to our complete Monster Hunter World Deviljho guide for info on how to kill the powerful beast, or our Monster Hunter World best builds guide for info on how you should best kit your character out.

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