How to Kill Dodogama in MHW - Monster Hunter World Dodogama Tracking Guide - Dodogama Weakness, Best Weapons and Elements to Kill a Dodogama

This Monster Hunter World guide will teach you how to track and kill any monster in MHW, including beasts like the Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, and Diablos.

Dodogama is one of the funnier looking creatures in Monster Hunter World, but don't think it won't put up a tough fight. In this Monster Hunter World Dodogama guide, we'll be detailing how to kill a Dodogama in MHW as easily as possible, revealing the very best weapons and armor items you can bring with you for the battle ahead.

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Monster Hunter World Dodogama Guide

All throughout Monster Hunter World, you’ve seen elegant beasts like the Legiana soar through the skies, or ferocious monsters like the Odogaron intimidate even the most skilled hunters. The Dodogama fits into neither of these categories, looking not dissimilar to an oversized lizard, that scrapes its bloated belly along the ground, not a million miles away from the Great Jagras back in the Ancient Forest.

Laughable though it is, the Dodogama can still put up a fierce fight against any Monster Hunter World player, especially when you come up against it in the treacherous region of the Elder’s Recess. You’ll want to bring armor that has both an incredibly high defense rating, as well as one that can protect you against fire attacks, as this is the area that the Dodogama specializes in.

How to Kill a Dodogama in Monster Hunter World

In order to take down the Dodogama in MHW, you’re going to have to be quick on your feet. We’d recommend taking one of the Bow weapons with you into battle against the beast, as you can stand back and blast it with specialized Piercing and Blast ammo while your Palico temporarily distracts it. Alternatively, you could wade into the thick of the fight with a quick weapon like the Dual Blades or Insect Glaive, or even the Long Sword, which would allow you to maintain some distance from the Dodogama.

But if you get up close to the Dodogama, then you’ll have some pretty ferocious attacks to deal with. One attack the Dodogama loves to pull off is thrusting its head into the earth, and burrowing forward across the battlefield, damaging everything in its path. Another attack to watch out for if you’re close to the beast is that pit of the lava, where the Dodogama rears its head back, before turning orange and belching out a pool of lava right in front of it. This can be fatal to hunters on around half health, so it’s definitely an attack you’ll want to watch out for.

If you chose to bring a Bow weapon with you, and keep your distance from the Dodogama, then the beast still has ways of reaching you. A deadly attack that comes in two forms is where the creature pelts you with a fireball or five from range, all of which have a fairly excessive blast radius once they hit the ground. If you ever see sparks coming out of the mouth of the Dodogama, then you know it’s time to stow your weapon and run parallel to the beast, hopefully avoiding the incoming fireballs.

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