How to Kill Odogaron in MHW - Monster Hunter World Odogaron Tracking Guide - Odogaron Weakness, Best Weapons and Elements to Kill an Odogaron

This Monster Hunter World guide will teach you how to track and kill any monster in MHW, including beasts like the Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, and Diablos.

The Odogaron is one of the most aggressive beasts in all of Monster Hunter World, and that's saying something when you think about all the beasts that are just waiting to tear you apart. In this Monster Hunter World Odogaron guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how to kill an Odogaron, so you know exactly which weapons and equipment you'll want to take into the gruelling fight ahead of you.

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Monster Hunter World Odogaron Guide

You’ll first come across the Odogaron when undertaking one of the main quests to descend into the rotting vale of Monster Hunter World. As we mentioned at the top, it’s one of, if not the, most ferocious beast found in the game, with vice-like jaws that can sweep across the battlefield and claws that can leave your character rapidly bleeding out.

Since the Rotten Vale is a relatively small map, it won’t take you long to track down the Odogaron, and you’re always guaranteed to find one lurking about the Rotten Vale from the Central Camp. The Odogaron will also fight anything else it sees in the Rotting Vale map, including in particular the lesser and Great Girros, which we’d recommend leaving to take on the Odogaron, since it has a useful stun ability that can stop the powerful beast in its tracks.

How to Kill an Odogaron in Monster Hunter World

You want to take a quick, agile weapon with you into the fight against the Odogaron. Although big weapons pack more punch in a single hit, and are more likely to stun the Odogaron should you land a clean hit on its head, the monster moves around the battlefield so quickly that a slow weapon leaves you open to a counterattack should you miss.

The Dual Blades can make short work of the Odogaron, as can the Bow, or Light Bowgun, since both allow you to continuously move around while letting off arrows. The timings of your dodges are key to beating the Odogaron, and it’s well worth hanging back and getting a feel for its attacks patterns. Generally speaking, you want to try and dodge with the attacks of the Odogaron, meaning that if you see the beast pull back its claw ready for a swiping attack, you’ll want to be ready to dodge under the attack as soon as it commences.

As we previously touched on, the Odogaron also has the nasty ability to make your character bleed, rendering you useless until you can stop the bleeding. To stop the bleeding, you need to stow your weapons by pressing the right bumper, and then crouch down by pressing Cross/A, standing still until your health bar returns to the normal green color. The Odogaron being such a mobile adversary doesn’t help matters here, and you’ll want to make sure you’re a safe distance from the monster before you try and stop the bleeding.

MHW Odogaron Weaknesses

As for elemental attacks against Odogaron, we’d recommend taking Electricity above all else. Ice attacks can also be fairly useful, but Electric attacks can temporarily stun the Odogaron, allowing you to land a few more hits in while it’s temporarily immobilized. This stun attack is why you should leave the Odogaron and the Great Girros to fight, should the two ever encounter one another around the Rotting Vale.

It should also be noted that the tail of the Odogaron is a particular weak point on the beast. You can chop the tail off entirely if you're carrying a bladed weapon, and if you can do this you'll not only take out one of the Odogaron's key weapons, but you'll also be able to harvest the tail for an extra Odogaron item.

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