How to Kill Radobaan in MHW - Monster Hunter Word Radobaan Tracking Guide - Radobaan Weakness, Best Weapons and Elements to Kill a Radobaan

This Monster Hunter World guide will teach you how to track and kill any monster in MHW, including beasts like the Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathalos, and Diablos.

The Radobaan is actually one of our personal favorite creatures in Monster Hunter World, but don't expect this to mean it's an easy beast to take down. In this Monster Hunter World Radobaan guide, we'll be walking you through how to kill a Radobaan in Monster Hunter World as easily and quickly as possible, through taking the correct weapons and armor items into battle with you.

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Monster Hunter World Radobaan Guide

The Radobaan is the first monster that you’ll encounter in the upper reaches of the Rotting Vale area, before you descend down the more treacherous areas below. The Radobaan is at the top of the food chain up here, and it’ll immediately fight any other monsters it encounters, as well as you.

The Radobaan can most often be tracked by gashes on the ground, that it leaves when it curls up into a ball and rolls around. The monster can usually be found lying in a bed of bones around the Rotting Vale map, which you should definitely scour around after defeating the beast to collect any items from nearby Bone Piles.

How to Kill a Radobaan in Monster Hunter World

The Radobaan at first looks like it’ll be a slow, lumbering monster, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. Since it can roll itself up into a ball, it can unleash some fairly quick attacks across the battlefield, effectively trying to crush you underneath it in ball form, or swiping back and forth across large areas with its spiky tail.

Your tactic for defeating the Radobaan should basically be a battle of attrition. You’re not going to break off many parts of the monster, or get the opportunity to stun it that often. Instead, you’ll have to whittle away its generous pool of health with whatever weapons you possess, all while taking care to dodge the swathing attacks from the Radobaan.

MHW Radobaan Weaknesses

You’ll want to take in armor that simply has the highest defense value for facing off against the Radobaan, and we’d also recommend taking in a weapon with Electrical damage - great for stunning the Radobaan and temporarily immobilizing it. Due to the Radobaan’s ability to quickly move around the battlefield, you’ll want a weapon that can keep pace with it. Dual Blades are a great option here if you want to get in close, but you can also back off with the Bow or Light Bowgun and try and aim for the Radobaan’s mouth on the front of its head, which is always a good tactic to stun the monster.

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