Spider Man PS4 Museum Statue Puzzle - How to Solve

Spider Man PS4 Museum Statue Puzzle - How to Solve

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If you're struggling with the Museum Statue Puzzle in Spider Man PS4, you're not the only one. We found this puzzle, found during a section of the game in which you play as Mary Jane, to be pretty tricky. In Spider Man PS4 Museum Puzzle guide we'll tell you exactly how to solve the puzzle so you can stop scratching your head in bemusement.

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Spider Man PS4 Museum Statue Puzzle Solution

Spider Man PS4 features a lot of puzzles, but some are a lot trickier than others. One that really had us stumped is the Museum Statue Puzzle you encounter while playing as MJ. This is in the "Don't Touch the Art" mission, and you can find a complete solution just below..

Spider Man Don’t Touch the Art Statue Puzzle Solution

What follows is a complete step-by-step guide to completing the Museum Statue puzzle in Spider Man PS4. Follow our advice and you'll have it solved in no time.

The image above shows the position you’ll need to move the statue into. It has a gold object in its left hand.

There are five gold objects to choose from. The one that matches the one in the photograph is the one on the far right. Pick it up.

Press triangle on the statue. To move individual pieces of the statue, aim the cursor then hit X. You’re aiming to match the leaflet you found, so you’ll need to move both arms and the head.

The head should be looking off to your right. The mouth needs to be closed, and the statue’s right hand need to be up. A secret compartment will then open.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is grab the file and go. That’s all for our Spider Man PS4 Statue Puzzle solution. For more on the game, why not check out our Spider Man Secret Photo Locations Guide.

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